My final ED blog post–3 Jun 2014

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Thanks for the past five years!  My last action as ED will be the conference next week.  Hope to see many of you there as we say farewell.  God bless,

The Chapa family




Armed Forces Finally Accept Homeschool Enlistees on Equal Terms! 18 March 2014

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As a retired USAF officer, I appreciate all that HSLDA has done to make a breakthrough in this regard.  Please read through the attached link on their website to understand the details of optimizing your child’s opportunities for military service.

HSLDA article on military service for homeschool graduates

Also, please realize that in the short term, the defense budget is being cut with personnel reductions.  Therefore, you have to be even sharper to get in, especially to key areas.  God bless.

Mike Chapa
Executive Director

Parental rights re: immunizations, health care, etc., action needed now!

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I don’t post these very often, but our dear friend and defender of freedom, Treon Goossen, has allowed me to re-post her alert for action.  Please prayerfully consider taking action now.  Also, please consider donating ANY AMOUNT to Treon at the links below for she is one tough cookie who operates on a shoestring burning up the miles needing a lot of gas money at the very least!  May God have mercy on our state…

Mike Chapa
Executive Director


Dear Friends,
HB 14-1288, the bill which regulates the personal exemption from immunizations is scheduled for hearing in the House Health, Insurance, and Environment Committee on Thursday, March 13th. The time is 1:30 p.m. in HCR 0107.  It is currently first on the agenda.  Action information will be included once again later in this email.
SB 14-032 is scheduled for hearing (For Action Only) on Wednesday, February 26th.  This is the bill which restores the right of parents to choose a health care provider for their children of any age – including alternative health care practitioners.  No testimony will be allowed.  This bill is up for committee discussion andvote.
HB 14-1039, which is the proposal to link student data preschool to kindergarten, is scheduled for hearing on March 17th, 1:30 p.m., HCR 0112.
Here are the committee members for the House Health, Insurance and Environment Committee and their contact information in relation to HB 14-1288:
Rep.  Pabon (D) 303-866-2954
Rep. Court (D)  303-866-2967
Rep. Gardner (R) 303-866-2191
Rep. Gerou (R) 303-866-2582
Rep. Ginal (D) 303-866-4569
Rep. Labuda (D) 303-866-2966
Rep. McCann (D) – Chair House Health Committee 303-866-2959
Rep. McNulty (R) 303-866-2936
Rep. Peniston (D) 303-866-2843
Rep. Schafer (D) – Vice Chair House Health 303-866-5522
Senator Aguilar (D)– Chair Senate Health 303-866-4852
Senator Guzman (D) 303-866-4862
Senator Todd (D) 303-866-3432
Senator Ulibarri (D) 303-866-4857

From Cindy Loveland, NVIC:

HB 1288 was introduced on Feb. 20, 2014 and referred to the House Health, Insurance, & Environment Committee.  This bill is sponsored in the house by Representative Pabon and co-sponsored by Representatives Court, Gardner, Gerou, Ginal, Labuda, McCann, McNulty, Peniston and Schafer. The senate sponsors are Senator Aguilar as the primary sponsor and Senators Guzman, Todd and Ulibarri as co-sponsors.

The bill would require parents who choose to delay or exempt their child from one or more of the vaccines required for school in Colorado for personal beliefs reasons to obtain the signature of a physician or authorized representative of the Dept. of health or a certificate of completion of an on-line education module developed by the Infant Immunization Program at the Dept. of Health.

The bill would allow the State Board of Health to determine the content of the information and how often parents will have to submit to the new requirements.

Schools will be required to make the immunization and exemption rates of their student population publicly available.

If passed the new laws would go into effect July 1, 2015.$FILE/1288_01.pdf – text of HB 1288


1)    Contact members of the House Health, Insurance and Environment Committee and tell them to oppose HB 1288.

2)    Contact your own Colorado State House Member and tell them to oppose HB 1288 if the bill goes to the full house for a vote.

3) Plan on attending the hearing in the House Health, Insurance and Environment.


Colorado does not have a public health crisis because some parents choose to exempt their children from one or more of the vaccines required for school in Colorado.

  • ·         The CDC report used to support the idea that Colorado has “among the highest rates of personal belief exemptions in the nation”, 4.3%, was a simple random survey of only 350 of the estimated 70,657 kindergarten students in Colorado, or .5%. This report actually shows exemption rates went down from the year before and that CO was the 4th most improved state.  (1)
  • ·         According to the National Immunization Survey conducted by the CDC, Colorado actually increased vaccination coverage for all vaccines for children 19 to 35 months old from 2011 to 2012.  (2)
  • ·         According to the 2013 annual report from America’s Health Rankings, Colorado immunization rates for children 19 to 35 months old is 71.7%, well above the national average of 68.4%. (3)
  • ·         CDPHE’s own surveillance data from 2001 shows the majority of pertussis and chicken pox cases in Colorado were in children who were already vaccinated.  66.7 percent of the 289 children between 7 months and 17 years of age who got whooping cough were appropriately vaccinated (4)
  • ·         Non vaccinated children are not driving current outbreaks of pertussis and none of the recommended changes from the stakeholder report would have prevented the outbreak. (5) 






Keeping the watch,


Treon Goossen
Home Education Legislative Analyst/Liaison, CO
State Coordinator,
80 Hobe Creek Trail
Florissant, CO 80816
@TreonGoossen Twitter

Common Core mtg was standing room only! 21 Feb 2014

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common core


Anita Stapleton led an evening full of information about why the godless common core is not a good idea for our children, Colorado, or America.  Homeschoolers will not be immune as planned now.  You can read some articles in our latest CHEC Update magazine here:


This should energize you to come hear our keynote speaker, Mark Meckler from, at this year’s Day at the Capitol event to be held 11 Apr 2014.

It is time to educate yourselves on this bad idea and then take action.

Mike Chapa
Executive Director



Merry Christmas!

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Dear friends of CHEC,

So many around us desperately need the good news of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ as the only way, the truth, and the life.  Thank you for being faithful to raise your children in the truths of Scripture and not the vain imaginations of men.  Let us all give thanks this season for the triune God of the Holy Bible!  Whether you particularly celebrate the Incarnation or not, I would like to say thank you for being engaged in the battle for the future of this land.  Be comforted, for our King has already won.  And that is good news, indeed.

Mike Chapa
Executive Director

Time is running out to donate for 2013!

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Dear friends of CHEC,

THANK YOU for supporting us this year!  Time is running out for your tax deductible 2013 donations to CHEC.  As you may or may not know, we are not membership dues based, but donations based.  As a result, we thrive on your donations, volunteering, and prayer.  If you think CHEC provides value to Colorado and her future, please consider donating, big or small, to CHEC in the next two weeks.

We have big plans for 2014 including bringing back the very popular Dr. Voddie Baucham as a keynote speaker at our big conference in June.  We are also reorganizing our Father/Son Retreat to include going out on a limb to lower the cost at great risk to us–but, great benefit to you.  We will be highlighting Common Core and pitfalls in the new year as well–look out for those announcements and articles.

We appreciate all your past prayers, volunteer hours, and donations to keep us going. Please consider supporting this during our end of year donation drive.  Checks must be mailed by December 31st, but you can always donate online here.  God bless you in 2014!

In Christ,

Mike Chapa
Executive Director

Bible Bee 2013 results–congratulations!

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CHEC is thrilled to report the winners of the 2013 CHEC Bible Bee held on Saturday, August 24th.


1st – Christopher Nelson

2nd – Elijah Kitsmiller

3rd –  Sadie Keller

4th –  Aaron Erlich

5th – Alexander Tallentire


1st – Caleb Harden

2nd – Janson Requist

3rd – Danika Puhek

4th – Bethany Johnson

5th – Sara Johnsons


1st – Alyssa Evans

2nd – Brennan Requist

3rd – Elliot Harlan

4th – Hope Chartier

5th – Emma Johnson

Special congratulations are in order for Alyssa EvansCaleb HardenDanika Puhek, and Janson Requist who scored in the top 120 contestants in their age division nationally, qualifying them for an invitation to the National Bible Bee Competition to be held in Sevierville, Tennessee in November.  Well done!

Mike Chapa
Executive Director

Personal vaccine exemptions coming under fire in 2014? Attend July 11th mtg in Ft Collins to find out more!

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I received this information from Treon Goossen, a stalwart defender of liberty here in Colorado.  Please register and attend if interested.  Please realize the religious and medical exemptions are very difficult to achieve in practice, so if the personal exemption disappears next year, you and your children could be forced, under penalty of law, to receive immunizations against your will and parental rights.  This is about liberty (and conscience) more than it is about science and “herd strength” and the debate is hotly contested from both sides.  Thank you for your consideration.

Mike Chapa
Executive Director


The event is being held Thursday, July 11th from 12:00 to 1:15 PM in Fort Collins at the Council Tree Library’s Community Room on the second floor. The library is located at 2733 Council Tree Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80525.  Participation will be limited to 12-15 people, lunch will be provided, but there is no childcare available.

It is important that families who value the personal belief exemption in Colorado make their voices heard and share their concerns, personal stories and state why Colorado’s personal belief exemption law must be preserved without restriction.

If you are interested in attending, please sign up immediately online at If you are unable to attend this meeting, or the meeting is full, The Keystone Center is also accepting written statements and stories from the public that will be included in the data gathered during the public engagement process.

For more information on this event and how to submit written statements, please contact Amber Brummer of The Keystone Center at or call her at 970-513-5805.

Please consider sharing with us your observations of the focus group meetings and copies of your submitted written comments to our NVIC Colorado State Director Cindy Loveland at  Thank you and we will keep you posted as this process unfolds.


Dawn Richardson, Director of Advocacy
National Vaccine Information Center and



Please sign the petition for the German homeschoolers facing deportation! 9 Apr 2013

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Many of you are HSLDA members and have received their eblast and already signed the petition to advocate our government not deport them back to Germany–thank you!  You can type “Romeike homeschooling” into your favorite search engine and learn more if you are not aware of this immigration asylum case.

HSLDA has made it easy to explain how to sign the petition at by clicking here.  They were almost at 100,000 just a few minutes ago.  Let your government know your thoughts in this very easy way.  You only have to be 13 with an active email address (you do not even have to be a US citizen) to sign the petition–so get your older children in on the action!

Hope to see you this Friday in Denver for Day at the Capitol–this case is an example of why we need to be involved to petition our God for the preservation of liberty through the civil magistrate–ministers He has appointed for our good (Rom 13).  Pray for them!

Mike Chapa
Executive Director


EXCLUSIVE Homeschool Day at Elitch’s — May 10, 2013

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We are pleased to announce that we have Elitch’s park exclusive use for homeschoolers on Friday, May 10th!  Click on the image above to go to the webpage for further information and to register.

Mike Chapa
Executive Director