Already Gone Book Review–24 Nov 09

already gone

This title is very intriguing and I found the urge to draw conclusions before reading.  This might be one of the best titles for a book I have ever seen.  Somewhat obviously, Ham and Beemer do address the reality that many people in their 20’s have left the church who previously were in evangelical churches.  But, some of the statistics will surprise you.  And these statistics were compiled by an industry expert in human behavior through statistical questionnaire.

You need to read the book to get the complete picture, but the impact of college, creation, music, Sunday school, youth group, and the authority of the Word of God in your child’s life may be different than you think.  And, the problems begin WAY before they go off to college…  Be a good parent–get on top of potential problems while you have time.  Stay in the Word of God and pray without ceasing–the future of our children, the church, and even our nation is at stake.

The book is available in the CHEC bookstore–call or email for ordering.

Mike Chapa
Executive Director

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