AME Announces the Newton Institute for the Reformation of Science and Engineering


Do you have a budding engineer, mathematician, or scientist on your hands?  All science stems from knowledge of Jesus Christ, through His physical creation. The Newton Institute for the Reformation of Science, Engineering, and the Trades represents a vision of how Godly people, under Divine leadership can change the present state of affairs. Particularly, we desire to equip young men to become husbands and fathers whose lives and homes honor our Lord Jesus Christ.

This is an exciting addition to our AME program as we partner with the Newton Institute.  We are currently building a base of instructors and preparing to launch this new program.   Mentors and Apprentices- Please apply through the AME registration process on the AME webpage and then contact Glenn Fink, the Director of the Newton Institute- 509-392-2868

Mike Chapa
Executive Director

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