Another reason to join HSLDA! — 2 Mar 10


We at CHEC have long advocated the Home School Legal Defense Assocation (  With a batting record in court that would water any coach’s eyes, they are your first line of human defense against the tyranny of social workers and law enforcement agents who may not fully know or appreciate your rights like the U.S. Constitution 4th Amendment protection against unreasonable search and seizure without a warrant and/or probable cause.  The cost to join is minimal, especially when you consider you are getting a first rate legal team that stays on the job 24/7.  But, there are many more resources available from them to include the Home School Court Report which keeps you up to date of what is going on with litigation nationwide.  Please pray for Mike Donnelly, our Colorado rep, and all at HSLDA that God will bless their endeavors to protect our freedoms.  And while you are at it, pray for Treon Goossen who vigilantly monitors the Colorado legislative scene.

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