Bible Bee 2010


The Dale and Lisa Johnson family put in a tremendous amount of effort rallying a team of volunteers to ensure this year’s success!

photo(3)All the children “won” in that they hid a lot of Scripture in their hearts that they “might not sin against” God (Psalm 119:11).

However, the top finishers were:


1st – Caleb Harden
2nd – Joanna Harden
3rd – Emily George
4th – Katelyn Sims
5th – Lily Warren
1st – Bethany Johnson
2nd – Tiffany Fliegel
3rd – Hannah Fliegel
4th – Danika Puhek
5th – Victoria Girkins
1st – GraceAnn Westfahl
2nd – Charlie Brumbaugh
3rd – Grace Lahti
4th РNathan  Girkins
5th – Calvin Harlan
Way to go!
Mike Chapa
Executive Director
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