Bible Bee 2011 Colorado Results! 3 Sep 11

Here are the results of this year’s Bible Bee:

(There are 50 Timothy Track verses v. 800 National Track Senior Verses)

National Qualifiers:
Primary:  Caden Bonnell, Ethan Bonnell,  Joanna Harden
Junior:  Caleb Harden, Bethany Johnson
Senior:  Charlie Brumbaugh, Christie Johnson, GraceAnn Westfahl

The local Colorado contest results are:

Primary National Track
1. Joanna Harden
2.  Ethan Bonnell
3.  Caden Bonnell
4. Aaron Ehrlich
5.  Justine Scott

Junior National Track
1. Caleb Harden
2. Bethany Johnson
3. Joanna Brumbaugh
4. Hannah Johnson
5. Jonathan Shedd

Senior National Track
1.  GraceAnn Westfahl
2.  Christie Johnson
3.  Charlie Brumbaugh
4.  Nathan Girkins
5.  Grace Lahti

Primary Timothy Track
1. Sarah Johnson
2.  Andrea Thenhaus
3.  Christina Johnson
4.  Aaron Powers
5.  Kristen Shell

Junior Timothy Track
1.  Janson Requist
2.  Sara Johnson
3.  Grace Green
4.  Jonathan Smith
5.  Adam Budris

Senior Timothy Track
1.  Joel Ward
2.  Elijah Lowry
3.  Brennan Requist
4.  Rachel Weaver
5.  Blake Conter

Thanks again to the Johnson family for heading up the event again!  Congratulations for all who participated and helped.  Pray for those going to nationals!

Mike Chapa
Executive Director

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