Bible Bee 2012 Results — 7 Sep 2012

Once again, CHEC is pleased to announce the outstanding results of the Bible Bee held on 25 Aug 2012!  We have six youth qualifying for nationals–they are annotated with an asterisk below.  Well done to all participants for hiding God’s Word in your hearts!

Primary Division (ages 7-10)

1.  Joanna Harden*
2.  Logan Lipke*
3.  Aaron Ehrlich
4.  Jacob Ehrlich
5.  Cedar Roach

Junior Division (ages 11-14)

1.  Caleb Harden*
2.  Janson Requist*
3. Danika Puhek
4.  Paul Vejraska
5. Kaleena Benson

Senior Division (ages 15-18)

1.  Lance Benson*
2.  Alyssa Evans*
3.  Brennan Requist
4.  Andrew Langemann
5.  Joel Ward

Mike Chapa
Executive Director
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