Colorado State Board of Education adopts National Common Core Standards–2 Aug 10

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Peggy Littleton and Randy DeHoffSBE member Peggy Littleton used visual aids to try to make her case against common standards on Aug. 2. Randy DeHoff (right) provided the deciding vote to adopt the standards.

The State Board of Education (SBE) this morning voted 4-3 to adopt the National Common Core Standards (NCCS) in language arts and math. The vote came after a hearing that included lengthy public testimony, most of it opposed to the common core as a federal encroachment on state and local control of education.  The standards were developed by the National Governors’ Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers, but adoption also has become worth 20 points in the federal Race to the Top competition. Colorado is a finalist for that program.

Voting for adoption were Vice Chair Randy DeHoff, R-6th District, Elaine Gantz Berman, D-1st District, Angelika Schroeder, D-2nd District, and Jane Goff, D-7th District. Voting no were Chair Bob Schaffer, R-4th District, Marcia Neal, R-3rd District, and Peggy Littleton, R-5th District.

Littleton had led opposition to the common core and organized the public hearing that preceded the board vote.

From Treon Goossen:   “Here is an article relating today’s events concerning the State Board of Education and the adoption of the National Common Core Standards. I have already been asked if this adoption will impact home educators.  I do not, at this time, see any impact on home educators who file a Notice of Intent to Home School.  Neither do I see any impact on those families who enroll their children in a private school which allows the teaching to take place in the home, supervised by the private school.  I do, however, see impact upon any family who would enroll their children in public school classes, in virtual academies, charter schools, and in any form of public education.”

Folks, standby to see how this will affect you if your children are engaged in public school activities of any kind.  Consider contacting those on the SBE who voted today to express your opinion.

Mike Chapa
Executive Director

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