Courageous–the movie 2 Oct 11

The makers of the smash hit “Fireproof” have released their latest which is a direct challenge to how Hollywood makes and markets movies.  I am a big fan of the independent Christian film movement as evidenced by our family film night last summer at our conference and panel discussion with several of the leading filmmakers.  I have not seen the movie, yet, but my boys went to it last Friday.  It was estimated by some to make a total of $9M, but it made almost that this weekend!  It came in #4 or #5 of ALL movies nationwide this weekend, so I’d like to recommend you consider going out there and supporting these kinds of efforts to reinvent culture from a Christian perspective.  We must do things well and not cheap and these folks are proving it CAN be done.  You might also consider going to the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival hosted by my friend Doug Phillips of the Vision Forum–it will be 20-25 Feb 2012 and you can find more info here:  God bless you this October!

Mike Chapa
Executive Director

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