Devastation in Alabama–30 Apr 11

What is proving to be one of the worst tornado events in American history, over 300 people lost their lives and many more lost their homes and livelihood this week as Tornadoes ripped through the southeast.  Many believers and non-believers alike are trying to pick up the pieces.  Friends of ours, the King family, huddled in the Crawford’s basement as the home disappeared above them.  They walked out to daylight where a house used to be.  Nearby in another home without a basement, Mr. Lee died protecting his 13 children and the family farm is destroyed.  These are just a couple examples–please go to this link to hear some first hand reports that my friend, Peter Bradrick, has put together as his ongoing vision of crisis response is being put into action for good.  Consider donating to the causes knowing that your money will directly help them through their church diaconate.

You can see some before and after overhead shots here to see just how amazing the power of a big tornado really can be.  May God help us not to doubt his power nor his goodness in times like these.  He is sovereign over all things and yet without sin.  To God be the glory, amen.

Mike Chapa
Executive Director

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