Documentary AGENDA-Grinding America Down–5 Nov 10

My family recently attended the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival (  I was encouraged by the improvements being made on all fronts–technical skill, artistic expression, camera work, sound, lighting, editing, props, stunts–you name it.  The $101,000 winning production was an important documentary called Agenda–Grinding America Down.  We’ll be getting copies of the movie in our bookstore soon so you can see how we are being systematically eroded by the socialist/communist agenda.  This is not a conspiracy theory movie, but one that uses the very source documents of the far left showing how they have accomplished nearly everything they sought after–extreme separation of church and state, control of Hollywood and the media, intentional lowering the morality in America by promoting homosexuality/abortion on demand/promiscuity, gaining control of the public schools, and tearing apart the nuclear family through feminism and a reliance on the state.  In other words, they realized they could not cause revolution in America as they did in other countries because of our strong Judeo-Christian roots which formed our Constitution, so they switched agendas to bring us down from the inside–and they are succeeding at a shocking rate.

You may be thinking that all we need are the right people in politics and are in good shape with the last election results.  Well, the movie makes a key point that as long as the public schools exist for their propoganda machine (yes, even with their being Christian public school teachers and principals and Christian children attending with Christian parents helping the PTA), the next generation is simply carried further along in their agenda, perhaps unwittingly and slowly.  They are patient if nothing else.  Consider this quote from Vladimir Lenin–“Give me four years to teach the children and
the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

Folks, the battle did not end when the wall came down, as good as that was.  We are in the midst of the battle RIGHT NOW–but are we even aware?  There are other movies to discuss in further posts–stay tuned…

Mike Chapa
Executive Director

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