Dr. Brian Ray’s Visit–3 May 10

What a great opportunity last Friday night to hear Dr. Brian Ray talk about the latest research and statistics regarding homeschooling in America.  He was in town for a large education research conference that he regularly attends to defend homeschooling among many who would prefer to see it shut down.  The facts do not lie–homeschooling works and works well academically, socially, in civic participation, etc., for all groups of folks from all sorts of backgrounds and income levels.  But, we define success differently from the masses…we desire to see our children walk with the Lord and Christian homeschooling has proven to be the best way to disciple children into a life of faith when complemented by being in a God-fearing, Bible-believing church.ray1Dr. Ray continues his research through donations to his organization, the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI).  You can make a donation at nheri.org.

ray2There were several who showed up considering homeschooling and I have no doubt that their doubts were put to rest.  Thank you Dr. Ray for your willingness to put this on for CHEC!

ray3Mike Chapa
Executive Director

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