Evangelicals and the Gay Moral Revolution–2 Jul 11

I think this article by Al Mohler is well written.  Recently, I read some things critical of his supposed “soft stance” on homosexuality.  I wonder if this is a clarifying article by Dr. Mohler?  I liked his comment that we evangelicals can come across as if we have no sin.  That is a danger for us all.  I exhort my children often that when we Christians are confronted with sin in our lives…we repent.  Even me, their father. Especially me, their faulty head of household. Consider King David when Nathan the prophet showed him his sin…the king repented.  He did not pretend he was without sin.  But, the presence of sin in our lives does not make other sins OK!  Homosexuality will always be a sin defined by God (regardless of what legislators wickedly pass)…along with a host of other sins including lust, etc.  We must repent of all our sins and turn to the true and living God trusting alone in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ lest we be damned forever.  Thank God He is merciful to us and sent us a Savior Who will save all who will turn to Him in faith.  Amen.

Mike Chapa
Executive Director

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