Homeschool Day at Elitch’s–13 May 11

We held our annual Homeschool Day at Elitch’s last Friday and it was a beautiful day with all the rides in operation.  I have negotiated with Elitch’s that next year we are guaranteed 100% exclusivity for homeschoolers!  Over the last several years, they have allowed some others into the park to ensure they have a viable business operation if our numbers of attendees are not high enough to justify an exclusive day.  That information has been printed on the brochures to ensure all knew about this.

Well, for next year, they have agreed to truly make it exclusive just for our crowd at the reduced (about 50% off) rate, again.  So, if you like to support CHEC and would like to spend the day in the park with likeminded folks, please come on out next year to ensure we are able to have this event beyond 2012.  Thanks to all who came out this year!

My favorite ride was the Mind Eraser…it is the closest thing they have to flying fighter jets.  It did require a visit to the chiropractor for my wife, though.  :^)

Mike Chapa
Executive Director

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