How I can save NASA $2.5B — 9 Aug 2012


Genesis 1.

Well, I could save them part of the $2.5B, anyway.

I love space exploration.  I wanted to be an astronaut.  I have several colleagues who are astronauts.  I love astronomy and taking pictures of the heavens through telescopes (see my website at [thanks to my son Jack for helping program the site through his team’s upcoming WordPress theme site]). 

Anyway, here are the goals for the ongoing Curiosity Mars exploration program, much of which supports goal #1:

Goal 1: Determine whether life ever arose on Mars

Goal 2: Characterize the climate of Mars

Goal 3: Characterize the geology of Mars

Goal 4: Prepare for human exploration

We live in a day and age where Christianity is in decline in this land.  Even suggesting that you can be into science AND the Bible results in much mockery on many fronts and in many circles.  However, by God’s grace (whether they recognize it or not), NASA/JPL did a nice job getting this SUV onto the surface in a novel and complicated landing technique.  Their search for knowledge is just a tad misguided.  Maybe our children can get into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) to help save us all some money and help us marvel at God’s masterpieces found out there in the Universe.  David understood it as exposited in Psalm 19.  To God be the glory, alone!

Mike Chapa
Executive Director

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