Ken Ham confirmed for 2012 Conference! 28 Jun 11

My family had the pleasure of touring the Creation Museum last week with a couple families from Ohio that we know.  While there, I met with Ken Ham to discuss future activities.  We were impressed with the facility and appreciated Mr. Ham’s hospitality as we walked around to look at the current and future plans for the museum (including the observatory where I have special interest as an astrophotographer).

Ken will be a keynote speaker for us at next year’s family conference.  We are brainstorming ideas like a creation camp and opening it up to children somehow.  You may have seen some internet postings related to Ken being kicked out of some recent conferences.  Please be careful what you read on the internet (including this post of course) as truth is sometimes lacking.  It is good to speak with folks involved directly if you can and be careful otherwise.  Here is a statement from the Answers in Genesis website worth reading.

Have a great summer!

Mike Chapa
Executive Director

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