Meet the speakers for the AME Family Business Conference July 20-21, 2012

This two-day conference during July 20-21 at Waterstone Church in Littleton, CO, is very affordable at $49 per FAMILY and only $25 per vendor booth to show your business to the attendees!  There are quite a few speakers and many talks will be panel discussions where you can ask your own questions!  Register here.


Meet the speakers…

Mike Chapa is the Executive Director of Christian Home Educators of Colorado. A retired USAF fighter/test pilot, he also does some aerospace consulting. His wife runs a home based business, and, that adds to the family economy. Mike is also on church staff and pursues an M.Div. One son has his own IT business and another son is about to launch a construction business. Multiple streams of income is what the Chapa family embraces as they disciple six children ages 5-20.


Mike and his wife, Roxie, have been blessed with two children, Annie and Corey, whom they have home educated since birth. The Cheneys are involved in several entrepreneurial ventures including-Kitchentools4U.comBlueBarnProducts.comMikeCheney.Net As the current director of the nationalAME Program (Apprenticeship, Mentorship, Entrepreneurship), Mike has a passion to share a vision for discipleship in all kinds of businesses. The Cheneys are blessed to serve CHEC as Conference Coordinators since 2001. Mike has served as CHEC’s Operations Director since January 2002.



At the age of 7, Corey Cheney started working alongside his Father at their hot dog stand in Downtown Denver. Since then he has worked in a variety of family businesses ranging from home remodeling and real estate to retail sales. Currently he owns and manages a video production company based in Colorado, Provident Media Group.




Josiah Gallo

Josiah Gallo has been starting and running businesses since he was 13 years old. For 10 years he has owned, a laser engraving company. Recently he has started a technology company and FocusPoint, a business training company.

His passions involve business, helping others succeed, his growing family, excellence and entrepreneurship. He and his wife, Rebekah, have 2 children.



Bobby Marvels Family

Robert A. Marvel was born and raised in Edgewater, Colorado where he and his family have lived for 65 years.  Bobby married his high school sweetheart Margaret in October of 1966 moving into a rental house which they later purchased and are living there to this day.

For the next 10 years he worked as a truck driver.  In 1976 when Bobby’s wife and Uncle encouraged him to start a concrete flat work business. All of the children helped out in the concrete and snow removal business as they went into adulthood.  In 1989 they started their 3rd business distributing Amway products.

Their two sons encouraged them to expand the concrete company into the commercial market. They have integrated their children into their businesses. All of their 5 children, 17 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild live in the Denver area within 10 miles of one another.  Their fourth business, Marvel Management LLC,  owns and manages commercial and residential income property for Marvel Concrete Inc.  The Marvel family believes America’s free enterprise system is the best in the world.


Jeff Moore is a business owner and lifelong entrepreneur who was born and raised in Colorado. He faced the devastating loss of his business and home to a massive fire in the dead of an Alaskan winter the last day of 1980. With over half a million dollars in debt, and with nowhere to turn, he had to start again. Since that time, Jeff has duplicated that success and helped others successfully launch and operate businesses of their own, and he actively mentors dozens of business owners ranging from college students to multimillionaires.

Jeff has also had the joy of working with his son, John, to encourage and develop John’s vision for family film. John’s successes include “The Widow’s Might” and soon to be released “Ace Wonder; Message From a Dead Man”.

He lives on his ranch in Texas with his wife Andrea and five of their seven children.



Bill Roach has served as the Chairman of Generations with Visionsince its founding, and is also currently President of Christian Home Educators of Colorado. Believing in the value of laboring together for the Kingdom of God, his family works in multiple ministry and business opportunities including insurance sales, financial services, credit card processing, precious metals investments, and donated food distribution to those in need. He and his wife, Shalyn, have five children.


Chad Roach is a serial entrepreneur who has worked in finance and sales for over 7 years. During that time, Chad has started multiple companies and has worked in various fields including insurance, credit card processing & merchant services, venture capital, non-profit development, financial services, and precious metals. Chad started Cornerstone Capital Investment Inc. and its subsidiary Cornerstone Bullion as a profitable family-based business endeavor in which he works with his dad and sisters on the day-to-day operations of the business. Chad is also a board member for WCM Global Wealth, and he works as the Development Director for Generations with Vision.



Dale Schamel founded Armor Steel Buildings & affiliates in 1996 and has developed the companies into a multi-million dollar manufacturing & marketing companies. In addition, the Schamel family own and operates, a general contracting company, Real Estate investment firm, a national advertising agency, and a non-profit ranch among others, all on a debt free basis. He founded the Christian Family Business Associationin 2010 to educate and train families to have their own biblical family business. Dale & his wife Jannice currently have 11 children who are apprenticed in the family businesses. They live in Larkspur, CO.



Ian is Owner and Art Director of Serff Creative Group, Inc., a graphic design firm located in Aurora, Colorado. Practically born into the design field, Ian was raised in his family’s graphic design business. At his father’s side, Ian learned the business and all aspects of real world design before embarking on his career. With over 20 years experience in the design industry, Ian focuses his energy on creative design solutions for his clients, including print, web, interactive media, strategic branding, and creative design implementation.

Ian draws from his experiences as an entrepreneur, husband, father of a large growing family with multiple adoptions, and a believer in Jesus Christ. He and his wife Stephanie are blessed to homeschool their 7 children and run his design firm out of their home.



Kevin Swanson is a second-generation homeschooler, published author, radio personality, and director of Generations with Vision, a ministry dedicated to strengthening homeschool families across the country. As a homeschool father of five children, Kevin is a nationally recognized speaker on home discipleship and education, and hosts the daily Generations Radio program heard by homeschool families around the world. Kevin has a vision for helping families across America build fruitful family economies in the 21st Century.



Aaron Voorhees is an entrepreneur with 20 years of business experience. He and his father, John Voorhees, have worked together for years in living out the mentor/apprentice model and have builtASLAN Companies, a multi faceted construction, development and investment firm with the express purpose of bringing glory to God in the market place and to disciple young men to glorify God in their businesses.



Gary Wayne, has been married for 23 years to Johanne Wayne. They have 4 children 17-22 years old. Gary played 12 years of professional baseball as a relief pitcher for the 1991 World Series champ Minnesota Twins, 1993 Colorado Rockies and LA Dodgers. He retired from baseball in 1995 and entered the business world as an investment advisor for the past 17 years. Gary is currently with a Christian investment firm Integrity Financial Consulting and since 2004 has owned a small business that deals with financial coaching and debt settlement. All four children have worked or currently work in this business.

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