Monumental, Day at the Capitol, and Marshall Foster — 13 Apr 2012

My family recently saw the new film by Kirk Cameron featuring Marshall Foster and thought it was very well done.  We learned a lot about the pilgrims and about a very special monument in MA that we plan to visit later this year.  This is timely as Dr. Foster is our keynote speaker at CHEC’s Day at the Capitol event this Friday in Denver.  Go to our website for complete details, but we’ll be featured in the House gallery at 9:00 am, begin our indoor festivities at Pillar of Fire church at 9:30am, march around the Capitol at 12:00pm, and begin our rally on the west steps at 12:15pm.  Come dressed for the event or buy children’s hats onsite.  Thanks to Scott Davidson and team for putting together another wonderful day!  Hope to see you there for this FREE event (donations always accepted and appreciated because it is NOT free for us to put on).  Come say hello to me that day–thank you for your continued presence in politics that affect us very much.  God bless.

Mike Chapa
Executive Director

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