Quotes from the Baby Conference–15 Jul 10

I recently had the pleasure of taking my family to the Baby Conference which was hosted by Vision Forum in San Antonio, TX.  At the conference, Mr. Geoff Botkin made the following observations:

“Definition of the American dream–an adulterous love affair with mammon at the expense of Biblical obedience.”

Interestingly, he found the following quote from Life magazine in early 1950s:

“The greatest challenge to American Christianity today is a popular, bland, respectable faith termed secular humanism.”

In combating the degenerating worldview around us, he said he exhorts his children that, “we live on a battleground, not on a playground.” This was in the context that many of our youth do not see the seriousness of the spiritual and cultural battles of our day.  Do we adults see it?  A good question, indeed.

Mike Chapa
Executive Director

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