Struggling Learners Seminar: 5-6 Oct 2012

Struggling Learners Seminar
Friday evening (6-9pm) October 5, and Saturday October 6 (8:30am-5pm)
Friday Evening Topics
1. You Can Homeschool Your Child Who has Special Needs or is a Struggling Learner!
2. Identifying Your Child’s Particular Processing Problem….or is it a Maturity Issue?
Saturday Topics: 
1. Does my Child Have This? What do I do About This? – Auditory Processing Problems
2. Do you have a Smart Kid who Struggles in School? – Strong Vision Skills
3. When Kids “Won’t “ Write  (Gifted with a Glitch) – Dysgraphia
4. Learning and/or Behavioral Difficulties: How Early Development Can Create a Domino Effect That Hinders A Child’s Potential
5. ADD, Sensory Processing, Autism & Aspergers – Behaviors do not Need to be Permanent!
6. It Doesn’t Have to be so Hard, or so Expensive to Learn to Manage These Problems – Dyslexia and Other Reading Problems

Dianne Craft
Anna Buck
Dr. Schneebeck 

Nancy Casterline

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Come and enjoy a time of encouragement and learning, Q & A, and fellowship!
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