The Mysterious Islands Movie Review–2 Dec 09

mysterious islands

Vision Forum is on the front lines once again in the battle against secular humanism–this time almost 200 years after Charles Darwin went around the world.  Doug Phillips and his team go to the modern birthplace of  evolution theory–the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean almost 1000 km off the coast of Ecuador.  The film work is breathtaking, both above and below the sea.  The animals are astounding and should make us marvel at our Creator, not deny him.

If you do not know the difference between the evolution idea of natural selection and creation idea of mediated design, this movie helps explain some of those difficult concepts.  The filmmakers themselves come away with a new appreciation of the battle going on in the world around us.  It is noteworthy that the captain of HMS Beagle, Captain Robert Fitzroy, denounced Darwin’s claims later in his life after observing the same amazing animals.

This movie is a great gift idea and would also be useful in a homeschool  biology or natural science class.  We need to look around and realize that our world changed drastically after Charles Darwin, Thomas Huxley, Margaret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood) and other wicked people like Adolf Hitler promoted ideas supporting racism, eugenics, and favored races.  These ideas are not lost in history.

Take the famous Buck v. Bell case of the 1920’s where the United States Supreme Court supported Virginia’s compulsory sterilization of the so-called feebleminded.  Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. called the plaintiffs manifestly unfit both mentally and morally, insisting that three generations of imbeciles were enough.  This decision has never been overturned and led to thousands of involuntary sterilizations.  Later investigation revealed many lies which always surrounds those advocating bigotry.

There is one human race and one savior for that race…Jesus Christ.  Praise God for His creation and redemption and may we never give His glory away to chance nor look at another human being as being substandard.

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Mike Chapa
Executive Director

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