The “other” Pelagius of AD 925 — 2 Oct 10

I just received the latest issue of Voice of the Martyrs.  In it I found a curious article about Pelagius of AD 925.  Many of you are doubtless familiar with the Pelagius of the 5th century who debated Augustine over the doctrine of original sin.  That Pelagius was deemed a heretic and rightly so.  But, THIS Pelagius is a different story altogether.

He was left by his uncle with the Muslims in Spain at age 10 and supposed to be ransomed.  By 13, the ransom money had not shown up.  Still, the emir found favor with Pelagius and was ready to give him freedom, money, clothes, horses and honors…if only…he would denounce Christ and accept Mohammed as his prophet.  Pelagius refused (at age 13!) which infuriated the emir and so he was tortured for 6 hrs, refused to recant his faith in Christ, and committed his soul to Jesus before they cut him into pieces and threw his body parts into the river.  Christians in Cordoba retrieved his torn limbs and buried them and many churches in Spain are named after him.

Please include in your homeschooling the story of the martyrs.  We all must be ready to confess Christ, even unto death.  We are to fear the One who has the power to throw the soul into hell and not just man who may kill the body.  To Christ be all glory and honor forever and ever, amen.

Mike Chapa
Executive Director

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