The Religion of American College Professors–7 Oct 10

Two studies (American Religious Identification Study Mar 09 and Harvard Divinity School/George Mason University Feb 07) on religion in America and religion among college professors were recently conducted.  Here are the findings, based upon their stated beliefs.  Since these are two different studies, I did my best to compare apples to apples:

70% of Americans believe in a personal God, while 52.6% of professors do

12% of Americans are agnostic or atheistic, while 23.4% of professors answered that way (but 37% of professors are agnostic/atheistic at elite doctoral institutions)

12% of Americans are deistic, while 19.6% of professors hold a similar view (a higher power, but an impersonal god)

34% of Americans are “born-again” evangelicals, while 17% of secular school professors were “born-again” (but only 1% at elite doctoral institutions)

No doubt evangelical Christianity is on the decline in America, but those training tomorrow’s degree-bound workforce seem to be accelerating that decline.  Be thankful where you can find professors who do not separate the triune God from reality/ethics/truth, but prepare your children well before entering into the arena full of lions.

Mike Chapa
Executive Director

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