We need your support!


As the recession continues, we realize times are tough.  Many of you have or will respond to our end of year donation request and many of you support us financially on a regular basis–thank you very much to all of you!  And thank you to all who volunteer in one way or another for CHEC!

Most of you know that CHEC has never required membership dues other than for our Independent School (which is still a great bargain!).  CHEC will continue to provide vision, new and recurring events, a bookstore/resource center (major online upgrade planned for 2010), an independent school, and advice.  To do all this, we need your financial support, plain and simple.  As the culture continues to degrade around us, we want your children to remain faithful to the teaching of our Lord.  We want to continue to encourage Christian families to obey God and not man.  That is our passion.

You can make a check out to CHEC or donate online here.  I ask you to pray for CHEC to be wise in the stewardship of your donations and in making decisions in 2010 and beyond.  God bless you.

Mike Chapa
Executive Director

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