Bible Bee

The 2014 Bible Bee was a Success!

More than one hundred CHEC young people spent their summer memorizing scripture and studying the book of Jonah in preparation for the 2014 Bible Bee. We are thrilled to report the winners of the CHEC Bible Bee held on Saturday, August 23rd.

1st – Titus Smith
2nd – Hudson Puhek
3rd – Katrina Davis
4th – Alexander Tallentire
5th – Helena Puhek

1st – Caleb Harden
2nd – Joanna Harden
3rd – Grace Green
4th – Sonja Puhek
5th – Justine Scott

1st – Danika Puhek
2nd – Janson Requist
3rd – Bethany Johnson and
Hannah Thenhaus (tied)
4th – Rebekah Borkert
5th – Micah Mehl

Special congratulations are in order for the following National qualifiers:

Katrina Davis
Grace Green

Caleb Harden
Joanna Harden

Danika Puhek
Hudson Puhek

Sonja Puhek
Janson Requist

These young people scored in the top 120 contestants in their age division nationally, qualifying them for an invitation to the 2014 National Bible Bee Competition to be held in Orlando, Florida from October 29 – November 1.

“Our family was blessed to be part
of the National Bible Bee both locally and nationally. We learned
things as a family that we continue to apply to our lives. [Our
children] love God’s Word even more than before and were so thrilled to
meet other like-minded children. God was glorified!”

~Parents of Joanna and Caleb