Casterline Widows & Single Mothers Banquet

Casterline Widows/Single Moms Banquet

The Casterline Banquet is a free event for widows and single mothers. The evening includes a wonderful meal, encouragement, and free child care.

When: October 17th at 6:30

Where: 10461 S. Parker Road

Parker, CO 80134


Where did the name Casterline come from?

Larry and Nancy Casterline were volunteers with CHEC for many years. They were members of the Conference committee in 2001 when Larry passed away in his sleep the week of the Conference. Shortly after Larry’s death, Nancy started what is now known as the Casterline Widows Fund to help other moms who found themselves in a similar situation. These funds are used to assist mothers who find themselves in the situation of wanting to continue educating their children at home, but may not have the means to purchase curriculum, enroll in the CHEC Independent School, etc.

The fund is also used to sponsor the annual Casterline Banquet. This evening is a time for these ladies to enjoy a beautifully prepared meal, hear an encouraging message, and spend the evening being taken care of. Child care is provided free of charge so that more mothers are able to attend.

If you are interested in donating specifically to the Casterline fund, please click here or send donations marked “Casterline” to the CHEC office.

10461 S. Parker Road

Parker, CO 80134