Day at the Capitol: Citizen Lobbyist

Citizen Lobbyist Program || 1:30pm
(Meet at the West Steps of the Capitol just after the Rally)


Come join homeschooling families from across the state of Colorado to learn more about what's happening in our state's legislature and what you can do about it. This yearly workshop has been an effective way to give Colorado homeschoolers an opportunity to actually get inside the Capitol building, ask question about how the process works, and learn how it can be improved! If you're concerned about the political climate in our state, this is an opportunity to start getting involved. Join Colorado activist, Treon Goosen for this very informative workshop.

(This seminar will last for roughly an hour.)

Why Attend Day at the Capitol?

Liberty Celebration


Citizen Lobbyist Workshop

Reach out to the Legislature

Display Contest Information

Future Statesman Workbook

Parking & Dress Code

8:45am – Observe the opening of the Colorado House of Representatives (Capitol Gallery)
9:30am – Liberty Celebration (Pillar of Fire Church)
11:15am – Lunch (Pillar of Fire Church)
11:45am – March around the Capitol (from the Pillar of Fire Church)
12:15pm – Rally (West Steps of the Capitol)
1:30pm – Citizen Lobbyist Workshop (meet on West Steps of the Capitol)
1:30pm – Future Statesman Workshop (Pillar of Fire Church)