Reach Out To Your Legislature

Reach Out To Your Legislature


Our Founding Fathers sacrificed their lives and fortunes for the freedoms that we enjoy today. May we ask you for a much smaller, though very important, sacrifice? It is our goal at Day at the Capitol to fill the Gallery of the House Chamber with homeschool families to be introduced on the floor. There are 235 seats. Will you make the commitment to rise early that morning and fill them? We believe this will make a lasting impression on our state legislators.

Please walk up the stairs (there are 2 very slow elevators for those who need it) to the 3rd floor of the Capitol and sit in the House Gallery. The stairs from the basement and first floor are very obvious in the middle of the building. The stairs from the 2nd floor to 3rd are hidden off the wings. CHEC will have volunteers milling around to help direct people. The House Gallery is located on the 3rd floor on the West side of the building. Families need to be seated in the Gallery by 8:45am.

All participants must be seated in the Gallery by 8:45am, so please arrive no later than 8:30am. Out of respect for the men and women working in the Capitol, please walk quietly and respectfully as you proceed to the Gallery and dress in professional attire. After all the introductions are made, you may exit as quietly as possible, and proceed to the Pillar of Fire Church to continue this exciting day!

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Personal Contact

You may also want to personally meet with your legislator. The best way to guarantee a meeting with him is to call ahead of time and arrange the visit. You can find the contact information for your legislator at You may ask for an invitation to the floor of the house or senate, or schedule a visit in his office.

Here are a few suggestions that might help facilitate your meeting with your legislator:

      • Introduce each of your children to the legislator. You might prepare them to introduce themselves to the legislator. Explain that you are home educators and you are visiting the Capitol today as part of Homeschool Day at the Capitol. You might explain how well homeschooling is working for you and express appreciation for the guarding of those rights.

      • You might have questions prepared (or have the children prepare questions), that they may wish to ask him/her. For example: What issues are most important to you? How many years have you served? What advice do you have for me if I was to run for office some day? Where do you live in my district? If I were concerned about an issue, what is the best way to contact you? What do you think about homeschooling?

      • If there is a homeschooling issue that is important to you such as tax credits, you might mention it, and ask if there will be any progress in this area in the future. If there are any other issues that are close to your heart, this would be a good time to bring them up to your legislator. This would be a good time to raise awareness on issues that are of moral significance to the country and to the Lord.

      • You might offer to pray for your legislator there, if it seems appropriate?

Our prayer is that this would be an opportunity for you and for your family to not only learn a great deal about your government but also to be a good witness for Christ.

Why Attend Day at the Capitol?

See & Reach Out To Your Legislature

Liberty Celebration

Rise Up & Learn


Rise Up & Go

Future Statesman Workbook

Parking & Dress Code

Beyond the Mask Movie Screening

8:45am - Observe the opening of the Colorado House of Representatives (Capitol Gallery)
9:30am - Liberty Celebration (Pillar of Fire Church)
10:30am – Rise Up & Learn (Pillar of Fire Church)
11:15am - Lunch (Pillar of Fire Church)
11:45am - March around the Capitol (from the Pillar of Fire Church)
12:15pm –  Rally (West Steps of the Capitol)
1:30pm - Rise Up & Go (Pillar of Fire Church)
4:00pm – Beyond the Mask movie screening (Denver Pavilion Theater)