Speakers 2012

Ken Ham

Ken ham founded answers in Genesis and serves as its President/Ceo in the United States. Ham, a native australian now residing near Cincinnati Ohio, is the author of numerous books on the book of Genesis, the accuracy and authority of the Bible, dinosaurs, and the destructive fruits of evolutionary thinking.

Mike Smith

Mike and his wife, Elizabeth, were homeschooling pioneers in the 1980s. he co-founded HSLDA (Home School legal Defense Association) in 1983 and has defended families for 28 years. As a strong advocate for families, Mike is published regularly in the Washington Times and has appeared on many radio and television shows. He believes that the second and third generation of homeschoolers carry great potential to restore America to its moral and religious foundation.

Kevin Swanson

Director of Generations with Vision, husband, and homeschooling father of five, Kevin is one of the most dynamic and inspiring speakers in the modern homeschooling movement. With his passion to strengthen and encourage the worldwide homeschooling movement and to cast a vision for generations to come, Kevin's messages will motivate listeners to action.

Mike Winther

As the Founder and President of the Institute for Principle Studies, Mike is passionate about American government, Christian ethics and economics. He hosts a 10-week adult course on government and economics that has been 

attended by more than 2,000 people and his course on american government, Christian ethics, and economics is used by many homeschoolers and other educators.

Woody Robertson

As a first-generation homeschool graduate, Woody has a heart for equipping the next generation to wisely make decisions about their future. After graduating, he spent eight years developing a student resource network and in 2004 he co-founded CollegePlus! after spending only 18 months and ten thousand dollars on his BSBA in General Management. He speaks nationwide, enthusiastically challenging students and parents to take college education out of the box. he and his wife Gina live in San Antonio, TX.

Reb & Beverly Bradley

Parents of six children, the Bradleys minister to other parents as counselors, authors, and conference speakers. Reb works diligently to strengthen Christian families by teaching extensively on issues related to marriage, manhood, and child training. Discipling wives and mothers according to Titus 2, Bev shares her experience and Biblical wisdom with sensitivity and humor. They have authored books and produced many series of audio lectures focusing around homeschooling and parent/child relationships.

Steve & Teri Ong

Veteran homeschool parents, Steve and Teri taught their seven children at home beginning in 1985. They founded CHESS (Colorado heritage education School System) in 1991 and Chambers College in 1998. Steve received his MBA from the University of Chicago and M.Div. from Denver Baptist theological Seminary. He has served as the pastor of Reformation Baptist Church for 30 years. Teri holds three music degrees and teaches classes for CHESS and is the Dean of Fine arts at Chambers College. They live in Greeley, Co with their children and grandchildren close by.

Renee Ellison

Renee has more than 30 years of experience in the field of education, ranging from Christian, private, and secular positions to being a home educator for nearly 20 years. As a Christian homeschool mom, she delights in using her professional academic background to help other parents teach and train their children more effectively. She and her husband Todd work together to create homeschool how-to’s including systems for learning to touch type and play the piano.

Mike Chapa

Mike is the executive Director of CHEC. He holds BS & MS degrees in aerospace engineering and is pursuing an MDiv. A graduate of the USAF Academy. Mike’s last assignment was teaching there after a career as a fighter/test pilot. He serves as an elder in his church and he and his wife Tonya have six children and have homeschooled for over 15 years.

Marcia Washburn

Marcia and her husband, Kieth, raised and homeschooled their five sons for nineteen years in NE Colorado. She has been involved with CHEC in many different capacities and also speaks both nationally and internationally on home education and parenting topics. She has written for several homeschool magazines and is the author of several books and dozens of articles.

Jim Heath

Jim has been an Appleseed instructor for over two years and has helped teach marksmanship and heritage to hundreds of Coloradans. He is the Colorado State Coordinator for Appleseed along with his wife Kim.They also homeschooled their son until the ninth grade. He has taught at the community college level for more than nine years. For four years he instructed medical students at CU Denver. Surprisingly, his passions are marksmanship and saving our country.

Dianne Craft

Dianne Craft has 25 years of experience teaching bright, inquisitive children who are struggling because of various learning disabilities. Using the latest brain research to create successful students, Dianne’s goal is to show teachers and parents how to teach children easily with greater retention of material.

Vicki Lewis

Vicki and her husband Steve were blessed to homeschool their four children for 20 years. Vicki has a Bachelor’s and master’s degree in education, but she values far more what the lord has taught her about a godly education. Vicki has been a support group leader, helped write the CHEC Comprehensive Guidebook, and has spoken at support groups and state conferences since 1994. She loves equipping parents to teach their children with confidence from a Christian worldview.

Bill Ward

Bill and Karen Ward have been married for 26 years and have home educated their five children since 1994. Together, they have led parenting and marriage classes in Nebraska, Colorado, and Missouri. Bill serves in his local homeschool organization as well as a deacon in his church. his passion is to encourage and equip parents to disciple their families.

Gene Walter

Gene is a homeschooling father who has been actively involved in preparing his son for the ACT test and the college search process. he is president of Big Red Printing and also represents John Baylor test Prep, an on-line ACT and Sat prep course designed to boost test scores and open the door to the college of your choice. he and his wife and their four children live in Norfolk, Nebraska.

Julie Koornneef

Follower of Christ, wife to her husband Larry, and homeschooling mother of six. Together she and her husband have been home educating and discipling their children for more than thirteen years. Julie and Larry serve on the CHEC Conference committee as the Workshop assistants.