Used Curriculum Sale FAQ

Used Curriculum Sale FAQ


About Selling

    Q: Do I have to be registered for the conference in order to sell items?
    A: No. You are welcome to sell your items whether you attend the Conference or not.

    Q: May I bring unregistered items to sell at the UCS the day I attend the Conference?
    A: No. The last day to register items to be sold and print barcode labels is Tuesday, June 10th at midnight. Item labels must be computer generated to contain the barcode. Unregistered items or handwritten labels will not be accepted for sale.

    Q: How do I prepare my items to be sold in the UCS?
    A: In order to sell items in the UCS, you must use our convenient BARCODE SITE system. At the UCS we are handling more than 11,000 items. In order to make your selling and shopping experience the quickest and easiest possible, we need to be able to get the books on the proper tables in the shortest amount of time. Our online barcoding system seeks to make the labeling process as simple as possible. This system includes comprehensive directions on how to categorize, label, and document the items you want to sell. Be sure to read the TERMS OF SERVICE and view our VIDEO TUTORIAL for more information.

    Q: How do I price my items?

    A: You have the option of entering a Friday (includes Thursday evening) sale price and a Saturday sale price. Friday sale prices are set at $1.00 minimum and Saturday sale prices are set at $0.50 minimum. If you have an item that you feel does not meet the minimum pricing, please either donate it for gleaning, or gather several like items together in a bundle and price accordingly. See the main page, and the VIDEO TUTORIAL for more information.

    As the seller, you are responsible for determining the price of the material. You know what you paid for resources and what you would like to get for them. Be discerning, ask a fair price and your items will sell.  Here are some pricing suggestions:

    • Bought new and current edition in good condition: 30%-50% off original price

    • Bought new and never used: 25%-35% off original price

    • Bought used: 35%-50% off used price

    • Earlier editions that are still usable and in good condition: 65% -75% off original price

    • If you would like there is a space on the label were you can write in the price you paid for the item. Or you could indicate the price you paid for the item inside the front cover, in pencil.

    • NOTE: Usually “New Edition” means the publisher has changed the cover or the arrangement of the material. Most of the time, the content of the newer edition has changed only slightly from previous or can remain the same entirely. Most older editions are still excellent purchases. You can get good bargains by looking for older editions – but be careful, consumables for older editions are harder to find and may not match up exactly with consumables in newer editions.

    • Ultimately, the pricing decision is yours. CHEC makes no claims or guarantees about the sale of your items.

    Q: May I place items out for “free?”

    A: No. If you have curriculum that you would like to give away, please place items in a box labeled “FREE” or “GLEANING,” and the UCS Volunteer Staff will be happy to place it out for gleaning. Please, no musty smelling books, broken toys, used consumables (at the end of the sale our volunteers have to remove these items from the sale site.) Please refrain from putting items into the gleaning just to dispose of them.  Consider items that you would like to find for your own family. Our purpose and goal for the UCS and  the gleaning is to help and bless families!

    Q: How do I label my items?

    A: Once your labels are printed, please attach one label securely to the FRONT-TOP-RIGHT-CORNER cover of your item. You may attach your plain white paper label with clear tape, but do not cover the printed bar code with tape. Or use white repositionable labels.

    Keep in mind that the label should be easy to remove after the sale — Please do not devalue an item by using permanent labels. Also each customer knows where to find the price on each item.

    Attach the second label to the inside front cover if possible. Labels for games, VHS, CDs, DVDs, and manipulatives may go on the back or bottom of item. It is important to attach the second bar code in case the first label becomes lost or damaged during the selling process.

    Please try to keep kits or packaged items together with string, rubber bands, or Ziploc bags. Text and test booklets must be secured together in the manner you think easiest for customers to see your merchandise and yet be properly labeled. There is a space on the label to input the number of total items in your set. Feel free to add any additional information on your label using RED INK: such as “item 1 of 3”, “set of 5 books” or “missing one workbook etc.  Your printed barcode label and any additional label with information should be securely on the FRONT-TOP-RIGHT-CORNER of your item. You are also welcome to place things in a plastic tote, but the tote will be sold with the item. Please see the VIDEO TUTORIAL for great information and labeling tips.

    Pack all labeled items into boxes that you don’t wish to have returned, by subject (when possible), and include a copy of your Master Inventory List in one of your boxes.

    Q: Why do I have to pack my items by subject?

    A: At the UCS we are handling more than 11,000 items. You know your products better than anyone else. If you are trying to sell a book about the inventions of Benjamin Franklin, you know best if it should be Science or Biography.

    In order to make your selling and shopping experience the quickest and easiest possible, we need to be able to get the books on the proper tables in the shortest amount of time. By placing your label in the FRONT-TOP-RIGHT-CORNER of each item and packing those items by subject (when possible), it greatly reduces the amount of time it takes volunteers to place items out correctly.

    The BARCODE SITE is very easy to use and makes this process very simple. You are able to input your items in any order, yet print your labels by subject. Please see the VIDEO TUTORIAL for more information.

    Q: When may I drop off my items?

    A: The drop-off hours are listed below. Please check in at the UCS table in the MAIN ENTRANCE.  When you drop off your items, please be prepared to spend a few minutes with a UCS volunteer to be sure you have correctly labeled and documented your materials. We want to be sure your items can be tracked for payment! You may drop off items for gleaning at any time during drop off hours or the sale hours.  Also, please see the UCS SCHEDULE for more information.

    Wednesday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

    Thursday 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

    Friday 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

    Q: Where do I drop off my items?

    A:  You will check in for drop off at the Main Entrance. See MAP for directions. You CAN bring your own dollies, wagons or carts, and we will have some available for your use. CHEC volunteer staff will available to help you with your items and you will be accompanied by a CHEC volunteer staff member at all times.

    Q: What if I don’t want to wait while my items are being checked in at the drop off?

    A: **NEW THIS YEAR** You will need to be present for the entire check in process. There is only one form this year, the TERMS OF SERVICE agreement. You will need to have a printed Master Copy of your list and a printed Terms of Service for drop off.  The only items to be individually verified are items over $15 in value.  **NOTICE this is a lesser amount than in previous years. **   Please have all items valued $15 or more in separate boxes for quick verification.  This is a very streamlined system and should only take a few minutes of your time.

    Q: May someone else drop off my items, or may I drop off someone else’s items?

    A: Yes.  As long as we have a copy of the Master List, Terms of Service agreement, and a Business sized, self-address stamped envelope. In instances of long distance travel or time conflicts, please email with any questions. We will try to accommodate you in any way we can.

    Q: What happens to my unsold items?

    A: When you prepare your items for sale, you will designate each item for either “Pick-up” or “Donate.”

    Q: When may I pick up my unsold items?

    A: If you have designated your items for pick up, you may pick up your unsold items on Saturday from 4:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. **NEW THIS YEAR  There will be two pick up areas to streamline the pickup process.  You will receive your pick up location when you drop off items. **  If your items were designated for donation they will be placed out for gleaning – first to homeschooling single parents and widow(er)s, and then to other Conference attendees. ANY items remaining after gleaning, even if designated for pick up, will become the property of CHEC to be donated or disposed of at our discretion. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    Q: What happens to unsold items designated “Donate?”

    A: On Saturday, from 4:30 p.m. until 5:30 p.m., after the close of the sale, the hall will open for all to browse or “glean” through. We will give first priority to homeschooling single parents and widows. Many families have found those last-minute books they were not able to find or afford, and have been greatly blessed. ANY items remaining after gleaning will become the property of CHEC to be donated or disposed of at our discretion.

    Q: May someone else pick up my items, or may I pick up someone else’s items?

    A: Yes. We just need to know at drop off what your plans are if possible, or in case of an emergency you can contact the UCS at

    Q: If I sell items, what is my percentage and when will I receive a check?

    A: You will receive a check approximately 6-8 weeks after Conference for your percentage of the sale prices of the items sold.

    First time sellers receive 50%.

    Second time sellers receive 55%.

    Third or more time sellers receive 60%.

    The check will be mailed in the business or legal sized, self-addressed, stamped envelope you provided at the time of drop-off of your sale items. You may also purchase a stamped envelope, you can address, at the drop off location for $1.00. NO payments will be made at the conference.

    Q: What are the benefits of selling my materials at the UCS?

    A: Sellers have no cost for space and table rental, advertising, and transaction costs like bounced checks, fees for debit and credit cards. We take all the risk for you! In addition we are providing all of the manpower to set up, display, sort, and sell your items, as well as resorting and packaging for pick-up of unsold items. We do most of the work for you! Your items will be on display for over 2 ½ days in front of more than 4000 people. The potential for selling your items has greatly increased! You can set your price as you deem to be fair and there will be no haggling or bargaining. Also, we have done side by side comparisons to, and and profit margins for all, including, the UCS, are in comparable range.


About Buying

    Q: Do I have to attend the Conference in order to shop at the Used Curriculum Sale (UCS)?

    A: Yes. You must either be a Conference attendee, or purchase an Exhibit hall pass that allows you to shop in the Exhibit Hall and the UCS, attend General Sessions, and visit Vendor Demos. Click here for more information and to register for the Conference. EXCEPTION: If you have been a volunteer at any time during the past year or will be volunteering at the Conference, as a volunteer benefit, you can shop the UCS and the Exhibit Hall for free on Thursday, June 13th in the evening. See the VOLUNTEER PAGE for more information.

    Q: Do I have to bring items to sell in order to shop?

    A: No. But you do have to be a Conference attendee, or purchase an Exhibit hall pass that allows you to shop in the Exhibit hall and the UCS. This sale is for both buyers and sellers. See the exception above.

    Q: What types of items are for sale at the UCS?

    A: The items in the UCS include books on almost every subject, for every grade. We also tend to have an abundant supply of CD’s, videos, games, manipulatives, and computer software. Please see the subject list on the main page for a list of possible items at the sale.

    The quantity and quality of materials in the UCS depends entirely on the materials brought in by the homeschoolers who participate. CHEC is NOT a supplier of these materials, except in the case of the items set out for sale by CHEC as an individual entity. CHEC makes no claims or guarantees as to what will be available, the condition, edition, or usability of materials. Check the materials BEFORE you buy as ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    Q: Will you post the subjects so we can plan where to shop?

    A: Please see the subject list on the main page. The subject and sub-categories will remain the same yearly, regardless if we receive items for that subject or category for that year. Items will be sorted first by subject alphabetically, second by sub-category and then by grade level within the sub category (if possible.) There will be two maps located within the UCS showing the subject area locations, one at the front entrance and one at the Book Hold area.

    Q: I don’t want to miss a session to shop for items? What do I do?

    A: For your convenience, we have a two hour book hold. Do your shopping, place your items in hold, enjoy your session and pick up and pay later! Also please see SCHEDULE for all shopping times.

    Q:  How do I pay for items?

    A:  Cash, personal check (made out to CHEC), debit and credit cards are accepted.  For your convenience there is an ATM located in the Exhibit hall by the Main Entrance.

    Q: May I return items?

    A: No. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please see TERMS OF SERVICE. We do ask that if you change your mind about an item prior to check out, to please give it to one of the UCS Volunteer Staff or place on the “Changed Your Mind” tables located throughout the sale. We are more than happy to return the item to its original location. Many people return to specific tables looking for things and have had great luck in finding them later. For whatever reason, we are shelving items almost constantly, so it is always wise to go back and look for things more than once.

    Q: Are strollers and rolling devices allowed?

    A: Yes. The same rules that apply in our Exhibit Hall, apply for the UCS area. Please note there is a bag and stroller check conveniently located near the entrance and exit for the UCS area.

    Q: May I bring something into the UCS to carry my books?

    A: Yes. Any rolling devices allowed in the Exhibit Hall are allowed in the UCS. You may also bring in boxes or bags. Please do not bring in shopping bags, large purses, or previously purchased items. There is a package check conveniently located near the entrance and exit for the UCS area.

    Q: May I shop in the UCS any time during the convention?

    A: Please see UCS SCHEDULE for all shopping times. Volunteers may take advantage of early shopping on Thursday evening in both the UCS and the Exhibit Hall.

    Q: How many items may I buy?

    A: You may buy as many items as you want; you are not limited on the number of items you may purchase.

    Q: May my children shop with me?

    A: Yes. Any children attending the Conference with you, or children shopping with you on the Saturday Exhibit Hall pass are welcome to shop with you. For their safety and the safety of those around you, please keep your children with you at all times.

    Q: Why does shopping close so early on Saturday?

    A: All of the unsold items have to be resorted and ready for seller to pick up by 4:00 Last year we sold more than half off all items brought in – however we still needed to sort over 5000 items for either pick up or to be placed out for gleaning. This process takes every spare second we have and many volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering during this time please see the VOLUNTEER PAGE for more information and make sure to email and asked to be scheduled.


About Donating

    Q: May I donate items before the Conference to CHEC to place in the sale? I want to donate all my proceeds.

    A: Yes. Please email to schedule a drop-off time and location. Our volunteer staff will be happy to register your items and place them out for sale. Your sale proceeds would then be donated to CHEC. At the end of the sale, we are happy to provide you will a tax receipt for your donation. Contributions like these help fund all types of CHEC service projects.

    Q: May I drop off items specifically for the gleaning at any time during the conference?

    A: Yes. Please find a UCS Volunteer Staff member (wearing green aprons) and they will be happy to take your items for the gleaning period. We do request that gleaning donations be boxed or bagged, and received by 1:00 p.m. on Saturday to make sure they can be placed out for gleaning.


About Volunteering

    Q: How do I volunteer in the UCS?

    A: Volunteers are the backbone of the UCS and we are always happy to hear from them! Please check theVOLUNTEER PAGE for more information. ALL CHEC volunteers from the past year are welcome to come and shop early at the UCS and the Exhibit Hall. Email for more information and to volunteer for the UCS!

    Q: Do I have to be registered for the conference in order to volunteer?

    A: No. However, all of your volunteer hours can be applied toward your Conference Registration if you would like to attend. See the VOLUNTEER PAGE for more details.