Vendor Application – Advanced Shipments

Denver Mart will accept freight 10 days prior to the conference at no charge to the vendor.  Freight will be stored and locked on the Denver Mart Dock.  (no charge)

Freight delivered more than 10 business days before the conference may be refused

At the end of the conference, the Mart will take freight from the vendor's booth to the dock (for carrier pickup) at no charge to the vendor.


Shipping to Denver Mart


Shipping label MUST include the following information:
Name (personnel on site to receive freight)
Denver Mart
451 E. 58th Avenue
Denver, CO 80216

Christian Home Educators of Colorado Conference
The Expo Building
Company name & booth #

Mart Dock Staff will deliver all freight to the building and booth the day of move-in.


Shipping out of the Mart


At the conclusion of the conference; to ship freight out of the Mart:

• All freight MUST be packed and ready to ship.
• All freight MUST be labeled.
• All freight MUST have shipping labels.
• Shipping labels/Paper work MUST be completed.
• Payment MUST be arranged (credit card, corporate account #, Pre-payment, etc.).
• Exhibitor MUST notify their carrier for pick up from the Mart for the following Monday after the conference.
• Exhibitor will leave all freight and paper work in the booth.
• Mart Dock staff will come by the booth and pick up all freight and ship out of Mart Dock.

Incomplete freight shipments will not be shipped.

Denver Mart will not be responsible for incomplete freight shipments.