CHEC Independent School FAQ Sheet

What are Independent Schools?

An independent school is a private school which offers off-campus enrollment to families whose children study at home. The school provides a legal option for meeting the mandatory school attendance requirements in Colorado. The legality of enrolling in a private school has been based in Colorado case law, dating from the Bohls decision in 1988.


What is the CHEC Independent School?
The CHEC Independent School functions as an “umbrella” for Colorado home educating families, allowing them the freedom to educate their children at home, determine their own schedule, and choose their own curriculum. Families enroll annually with the Independent school and do not send a Notice of Intent to a school district.


What are the benefits of enrolling with an Independent School?

  • We have a Christian worldview

  • We are a legal alternative to filing a Notice of Intent with a public school system

  • We offer three assessment options

  • We do not require a specific number of school hours per day

  • Our experienced staff of homeschooling veterans is a year ’round resource to answer questions and provide encouragement and support for your home school

  • We accept enrollment all year

  • We have the resources to help get your home school started and organized

  • We can help you choose curriculum, but parents decide what they want to use in their home school

  • We require minimal oversight of and paperwork from your homeschooling program

  • Our rates are reasonable and cover an entire family, not just an individual student

  • We offer to keep your test results only (no enrollment in the school required)

  • We are here so that you do not have to home school all on your own, but can have peace of mind and be excited about the adventure of home schooling

What are the costs for enrollment?

  • Annual Fee: $50 before September 1st/$60 after September 1st


  • One-Year Registration

  • Basic Record Keeping

  • Phone Consultation (as needed)

  • Discounts on HSLDA membership, Student and Teacher ID cards, Printed Diplomas


What if I only want to file test scores?
The CHEC Independent School is able to hold test scores for those families who have filed a notice of intent and are looking for a place to file the tests. For an initial fee of $25.00 (and $15.00 for each time scores are submitted) we will create a file for your family and add test scores as you submit them to us.  Please print and mail the Request to Hold Test Scores, copy of test scores and payment to:

    CHEC Independent School

    10461 South Parker Rd.

    Parker, CO 80134