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CHEC Independent School

What is the CHEC Independent School?
The CHEC Independent School functions as an “umbrella” for Colorado home educating families, allowing them the freedom to educate their children at home, determine their own schedule, and choose their own curriculum. Families enroll annually with the Independent school and do not send a Notice of Intent to a school district.


The CHEC Independent School follows the laws pertaining to non-public education. These statutes and regulations can be found here.


Enrollment is effective immediately (once your application has been processed). You must submit an application including contact and student information, an immunization record or exemption, and payment. If you wish to enroll in the CHEC Independent School, please select one of the following:


Compulsory Attendance Age

The Colorado compulsory attendance law requires students from ages 6 (by August 1) to 17 to attend public school. If not enrolled in a public school, all children within these ages must be enrolled in a non-public school (private, parochial, or independent) or abide by the home-based education law. By enrolling in the CHEC Independent School, you are enrolling in a non-public school and satisfying the compulsory attendance law.



The CHEC Independent School was established under the Non-Public School Education Law. It is important to understand that if you are enrolled in the CHEC Independent School, you are not subject to the requirements of the Colorado Homeschool law. Our policies and requirements are similar in some aspects to the Homeschool law but are distinct.


Maintaining Records

You must personally maintain a detailed attendance record and course of study throughout the year reflecting the attendance and curriculum requirements. In the event of a legal dispute, these records must be accessible and ready to produce.

If substantial changes are being made to your home education program (e.g. grade change, address change, change in educational authority [custody]) they must be reported to the CHEC Independent School.


Attendance Requirements

Families enrolled in the CHEC Independent School are required to:

  • Provide academic instruction to their student(s) for 172 days during each school year.
  • Upload an attendance record on the CHEC Independent School Attendance Form, demonstrating at least 172 days by August 31, 2015.
  • If you are transferring to the CHEC Independent School mid-way through the school year, please count the days attended at your previous school towards the required 172 days.
  • If you withdraw from the CHEC Independent School mid-way through the school year due to a move or transfer to another school, please upload a record of the days completed in the CHEC Independent School prior to the move/transfer. You must use the CHEC Independence School Attendance Form.


Testing/Evaluation/Assessment Requirements

The CHEC Independent School requires an assessment to be submitted in odd-numbered school years (end of school year: 2015, 2017, 2019, etc.) for all students grades 3-12.

The CHEC Independent School offers three options to assess students:

  • Achievement Test
  • Evaluation
  • Parent/Teacher Assessment


Curriculum Requirements

As an Independent School, our curriculum requirements are governed by the Non-Public School Laws:

  • 22-33-104 (2) (b) C.R.S. requires that a sequential program of instruction be provided by an independent or parochial school. Such program shall include, but not be limited to, communication skills of reading, writing, and speaking, mathematics, history, civics, literature, and science.
  • 22-1-106 C.R.S. requires information concerning the honor and use of the flag to be taught.
  • 22-1-108 and 22-1-109 C.R.S. requires the United States Constitution to be studied. Instruction shall begin no later than the seventh grade and continue in high school.


Assigning/Changing a Grade Level

It is not uncommon for a home educated student to span more than one grade or to move through more than one grade level in a single school year. However, when selecting a grade, take into consideration:

  • the reading level of the student
  • the grade at which most of the subjects are being learned

In the event that you would like to change your student’s grade level during the school year, you may fill out our Update Student Information Form and submit it to the CHEC Independent School. Because grade level does impact the form of assessment chosen/accepted, CHEC Independent School must receive changes to a student’s grade level prior to assessments being submitted.


Sports and Extracurricular Activities

Although not clearly spelled out in the non-public school law, the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) has stated that private schoolers may participate in public high school public sports programs in their district of residence or in the district where the private school resides, which for the CHEC INdependent School is the Douglas County School district. IN either case, the district has the authority to choose which school, if there are multiple schools, the student participates with.

Beyond high school sports, families enrolled in the CHEC Independent School may contact their school district of residence and ask them how private schoolers can participate in extracurricular or interscholastic activities. We will do our best to support you in providing verification of enrollment, etc.


Part-time Public School Programs

CHEC Independent School students may participate on a part-time basis in public school programs as long as 50% of the core academic subjects are still being taught at home.



The CHEC Independent School accepts truancy situations on a case by case basis.


Disenrollment Requirements

Attendance records are required of any student who was enrolled. Assessments are required for all students enrolled past April 1st. These records are not due until the August 31st deadline, but are required. If records are not received, the student’s enrollment with the CHEC Independent School for the 2014/2015 year will be nullified.

You may upload these documents through your Independent School account by the August 31, 2015 deadline.