Just Beginning

What you need to know…

New to homeschooling? New to Colorado? The information on this page will explain how you can legally homeschool in Colorado and give you a few foundational steps on this journey.

CHEC's Introductory Seminar is a great place to start. These seminars are hosted all over the state several times during the year. Veteran homeschooling parents share their experiences, cover specifics of curriculums, learning styles, legal requirements and options, and the long-term vision and goals of Christian home education.  

In a nutshell…

There are three options for legally homeschooling in Colorado. 

1. File a Notice of Intent and follow the homeschool law.

2. Enroll with an Independent School and follow that school's requirements.

3. Obtain a current Colorado teaching license.



You Can Homeschool!


The Early Years

Homeschooling Preschool thru Middle School
Getting started, curriculum, organization, you can, and resources.


The High School Years

Homeschooling through High School
You can! before high school, during high school, after high school, resources, FAQ, blog.

Colorado High School Homeschool Loop – classes, transcripts, jobs, and tons more.

High School Resources

College Without Confusion




Home Educated Doing Well at College


How Important is the Homeschool Law?

This paper explains how important it is for homeschooling parents to understand the current homeschool law and how vital it is that we continue to defend that law from unwanted changes:
Colorado's Homeschool Law Turns 20: The Battle Should Never Be Forgotten