Step #2: Know the Law

One of the things you are required to do as a homeschooler in Colorado is to send a "Notice of Intent" to a school district of your choice (usually your local district). (For a sample Notice of Intent see this page.)

Thanks to the efforts of many homeschooling pioneers, we are blessed to have a very good homeschooling law in Colorado. It offers us a lot of freedom not shared by homeschoolers in other states. It is imperative that each homeschooling parent have a thorough understanding of the law, so please read the Summary of the Law carefully.

How important is the Homeschooling Law? This paper will explain how important it is for homeschooling parents understand the current homeschool law and how vital it is that we continue to defend that law from unwanted changes.

Colorado's Homeschool Law Turns 20: The Battle Should Never Be Forgotten:

Colorado homeschool law turns 20