Recent Changes

Beginning this 2008-2009 school year, public and private school students in CO will be required to attend school at age 6.  Home schoolers will need to notify the same district where their Notice of Intent is filed if they have a 6-year-old, but most importantly, schooling need not begin until age 7.

In 2006, the compulsory attendance age for private and public schools changed from ages 7-16 to 7-17. Homeschoolers are exempt. However, those enrolled in a Colorado independent school are regarded as enrolled in a private school and are thus under the new law.

The 2000 Education Omnibus bill (Senate Bill 186) passed the House with provisions that affect homeschoolers in the state.

  1. Re-entry into public school.* The school MAY provide the student with a placement test. The grade placement must meet the consent of the parent, and the school district is bound to accept the homeschool transcripts.
  2. Private and homeschooled students may take the C-SAP test at their own cost, although it is not mandatory. Even if the homeschooled student is taking some classes at his or her local public school, he or she is not required to take the C-SAP test.
  3. Homeschool students can file their notice of intent in any school district in Colorado. This represents a change from the previous situation where homeschooling parents were required to file their notice of intent to homeschool with the school district in which they reside.
  4. Homeschool students who wish to participate in extracurricular activities in public school who have moved within the last year have to wait out one year before participating. The same rule applies to students attending public schools.

* In the 2001 legislative session SB 098 modified the provisions for homeschool students re-entering public school. Schools are not bound to accept homeschool transcripts if a placement test does not demonstrate that level of competency.