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Doorposts provides books, charts, and other materials to help you make God’s Word the authority in your home. Our emphasis is on Biblical child-training and discipleship. We also offer Bible studies for both children and adults.


Grammar & Writing

American Cursive Handwriting


Institute for Excellence in Writing


Logic of English

Logic of English® presents a common-sense approach to English reading and spelling, providing real answers to students’ questions about words and promoting teaching methods that respect students’ learning styles. We believe that with multi-sensory, systematic instruction, all students can learn to read and spell successfully!


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RightStart Mathematics


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Crosswired Science: Created Wonders


Institute for Creation Research


Real Science Radio

Real Science Radio is dedicated to discussing the latest, ground breaking scientific discoveries that prove the Earth is young, and that God completed creation in 6 literal days. Dinosaur soft tissue alone proves the Earth is not millions of years old. Stream our archive online or download as MP3s.


Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship


Science Plus More


Science Shepherd
Homeschool Science Curriculum

Science Shepherd was established on high quality middle school life science and high school biology courses. As word of our robust, straightforward, learning-friendly material got out, online programs and schools around the country adopted our programs. Now, we also offer the first of many on-demand video courses for younger students.


Virtual & Online Curriculum

Abeka Academy


Alpha Omega Publications


BJU Press/HomeWorks by Precept
Homeschool Science Curriculum

Contact one of our HomeWorks by Precept consultants for help with purchasing your BJU Press curriculum! We offer year-round discounts and free shipping. Our consultants are moms and dads who have used the BJU Press curriculum, so they have first-hand experience and advice. We are happy to help you!