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Barnes and Noble Educator Discount Program Information for Homeschool Educators

In these hard financial times a 20% discount for books and items from the Barnes and Noble School Sections of the Store could be of some help. We have Educator Appreciation Days 3 times a year where Educators can save up to 25% off list price on both classroom and personal purchases. The next one coming up will be Oct. 15th through Oct 23rd, 2011. The nice thing about the Educator Discount Program is that you can use it online once you have gone to a store and signed up for the program. Here at the Denver West Store we are having an Open House for Homeschoolers on Tuesday, October 18th from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Your Educators who don't live in our area should check with their closest store and see if they have any events planned especially for them.

In order to sign up for this free program, Homeschoolers need to go into a store and bring either their lesson plans, their letter from the State or local school district to show they are a Homeschooler or something from a group such as yours. This is in lieu of Educators bringing in their ID's or pay stubs.

Barnes and Noble Educator Discounts are valid on eligible purchases at Barnes and Noble Stores and on line at . Discounts do not apply to the following: Cafe Items; Music and DVD's and Blue-ray discs; peridocials; textbooks; the purchase of a Barnes and Noble membership; gift wrapping; the purchase of a Barnes and Noble Gift Card; gift certificates; digital content (including but not limited to digital books; magazines and periodicals); and Nook E-Readers.

Educator Discounts are not available at Barnes and Noble College Book Stores.


For the Denver Area: Buy/Sell homeschool resources
A new Facebook group called "Denver, Colorado Area Homeschool Classifieds" is now available. It's specifically for people in the Denver area to buy/sell homeschool resources.