Conservation and Energy

Bureau of Land Managment
White River Resource Area
73544 Highway 64
Meeker, CO 81641
Offices are located in Cannon City, Grand Junction, and Durango. There are lots of neat sites around Colorado that are not easy to find unless you drop by the offices first.

Cal-Wood Conservation Education Resources Center
P.O. Box 347
Jamestown, CO 80456
Offers science lectures with hands-on experiments. Overnight theme camps.

Rawhide Energy Plant
County Road 82
Wellington, CO
This is a coal-fired power plant, and because it is under security, it is best for Junior/Senior high students. Not for the faint of heart; heights are involved.

Shell Oil Production Plant
Cortez, CO 81321
Very educational guided tour for production of gasoline.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Wonderful display, worksheets, and a 10 minute video they can present with a guided tour.
NREL Visitors Center-Outreach & Public Affairs
1617 Cole Blvd., Golden, CO 80401-3393

Recycled Water Treatment Plant

Rob Buirgy, Community Relations, Youth Education Consultant
Denver Water  t: (303) 628-6076   c: (970) 690-4655
1600 West 12th Ave, Denver, CO 80204