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Order a high school diploma from CHEC

Why high school transcripts are important and who must provide them?

High School Transcripts: A Simple Checklist

What are the 12 most common mistakes that parents make on homeschool transcripts?


CollegePlus! is a revolutionary Christian based distance learning program helping students earn their fully accredited bachelor’s degree in a fraction of the time and cost of the traditional university system.  Learn more here.

Rock Solid-a homeschool high school, is an option for your family if you are interested in a challenging yet rewarding experience for your student, both academically and personally. We offer FULL AND PART TIME classes on campus Tuesdays and Fridays, working at home the other three days of the week. We offer the option of transcripts, diplomas, college guidance and a very memorable graduation ceremony. RSHS also ofers optional enrichment trip opportunities for each class to Id-Ra-Ha-Je, Costa Rica/Mexico mission trips, Summit Ministries and Washington DC. These trips have proven to be a favorite part of the high school experience for our students as they grow in their core foundation of striving to honor the Lord.

The environment at RSHS is unique and positive. Concern for our children’s relationships and development from a Christian Worldview is just as important as their academic success. Enrollment is open now-you and your child will go through an interview process once you complete the paperwork. Please check our website for upcoming informational meetings and general information about our school.  

Office phone is: 303-797-1005
Questions please contact Sheryl Van Denend: dslkem@gmail.com
Greeley, CO
James – 970-346-0099
Crossroads Christian Academy
Littleton, CO

CCA assists you in completing your call to homeschool through high school. We believe it is the right and responsibility of the parents to educate their child, and we are simply a resource to that end. We are a co-op offering free and fee-based classes. Students can take one or more classes on Mondays and Thursdays at our location near Broadway and C-470, and work at home the other three days.  Please see our website (above) for a list of classes.  We also provide transcript assistance, service activities, and a graduation ceremony.  Our students, families and teachers love God and want to welcome your student into our community.  For more information please use any of the three contact methods above.


Colorado Requirements to Graduate from High School

Each high school in the state sets their own standards for graduation. There are no state requirements. Because you are overseeing your child's education, you set the requirements and when your child has met your requirements, you graduate them – you sign the diploma (do not panic, it is no different than a private school issuing and signing a diploma). We recommend that you determine the requirements for your child according to what they want to do after high-school. If they want to go to college, look online at the college they might be interested in (or a state college if you aren't sure), and plan your high school curriculum around what it takes to get admitted to that college. If they do not plan to go to college, you can set your own requirements, but it should be approximately 6 – 7 classes per year.

See the "Transcripts" section below for developing transcripts.

We also recommend a book that we carry in the bookstore (and have used), "Homeschooling High School: Planning Ahead for College", by Jeanne Gowen Dennis. Call the office (720-842-4852) if you would like to purchase this book.  $24.95.

Driver's Ed

There is a full driver education and training grant for home schoolers in Grand County, Winter Park, Granby and Grand. This is a $435.00 grant. If you are interested in this please contact Wayne Tully from National Driver Training instutite.  800-942-20580  www.NationalDriverTraining.com


For instruction and development ideas for producing and maintaining your child's transcripts see these websites.

Calculating GPA (from HSLDA's high school coordinators)



High schoolers often take the PSAT, SAT, or ACT in preparation for college admission.

The Scoop on Tests for teens by HSLDA's high school coordinators




PSAT homeschooler's code – Check here http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/psat/reg/homeschool/state-codes.html

Family Academy of Christian Education offers the PSATs to all students that would like to take it. It is especially beneficial for 11th graders as this is where National Merit Scholarship winners are found.

SAT Testing Dates

SAT code for homeschoolers -Check here http://professionals.collegeboard.com/testing/sat-reasoning/register/homeschooled

SAT Prep

Brightstorm provides online video-based courses. They have a summer Session offering homeschooled kids to get affordable SAT and ACT prep. Summer Sessions are intensive one-week experiences in which students get great teacher videos, practice exams, detailed progress reports and live interaction with Brightstorm experts.
Go to www.brightstorm.com now and reserve your spot!   For more information, call us at 1-866-326-3471, or emailsupport@brightstorm.com

Dayspring Christian Schools
Greeley 970-330-1151
SAT, ACT, PSAT, PLAN. AP for Biology, English, History

Chris Seberino
Live online SAT Math Prep classes to homeschooling families.


Please check here for the ACT Homeschool Code (bottom of the page) http://www.actstudent.org/regist/lookuphs.html
Homeschool code: 969-999.  When you are registering there is a place to check and see if this number is current.



Which Test Should I Take and Why


ACT's Advantage program

The ACT Advantage solutions for homeschool families includes the EXPLORE and PLAN assessment programs to help parents assess their children’s skills and knowledge in the comfort and privacy of their home. EXPLORE, PLAN and the ACT are part of ACT's logitidinal assessment program designed to give parents objective feedback on the knowledge and skills of their children. The EXPLORE assessment is for children in the 8th to 9th grade level and the PLAN assessment is for children at the 10th grade level.

The Advantage program is offered by ACT, a not-for-profit organization that has been delivering educational programs and services for nearly 50 years.  ACT developed "The College Readiness Standards"  to serve as a link between what students have learned and what they must learn in order to be prepared for high school and college. The ACT Advantage program was designed to bring ACT's quality educational tools to homeschool families and their children with the goal of enhancing their educational experience.www.actadvantage.org

Caps and Gowns

Home School Legal Defense –  Click here

Homeschool Diploma a Christian, family-owned graduation supply company. Visit our web site at www.homeschooldiploma.comor call us toll-free at 877-466-2563.

High School at home with help

Sunland – The "Home School" Program
National, private, accredited
Colorado law states that If you register with an independent school outside of Colorado, you still need to be registered with an Independent School located in Colorado or file a Notice of Intent.
13216 Leach St., Sylmar, CA 91342
(818) 523-6791 / 1-800-525-4419 / (818) 362-1489 fax

Dual Enrollment

If you are dual enrolling – doing high school and college during the high school years, here are the contacts for these Community Colleges:

Pikes Peak Community College – Glenn Englund, Director of Special School Partnerships 719-338-4478, 719-338-4478 (cell), or glenn.englund@ppcc.edu Fax 719-502-2072.  His office is at the Rampart Range Campus in room S102F.

Arapahoe Community College -Howard Fukaye
Director, Pre-Enrollment Services
303.797.5622, Fax: 303.797.5773, howard.fukaye@arapahoe.edu

Taylor University
High school juniors and seniors can start college early by taking dual credit courses online through our Head Start on College program.  Dual credit courses count as both high school and college level credits.  Students are welcome to take any of our 140 online courses.  High school students receive a reduced tuition rate of $200 per credit hour ($75 off).
Courses are online independent study format in which the student works one-on-one with the professor over a six month time frame.
To participate in the program, simply fill out the enrollment form and enter "home school" or the name of your high school in the "current school attending" field.  This will ensure the receipt of the reduced tuition rate. Visit our web site for our complete course catalog: www.taylor.edu/online.
Cedarville Academy
251 N. Main St., Cedarville OH 45314
Open to highly qualified juniors and seniors who present a clear testimony of personal faith in Jesus Christ and who thrive in a challenging academic environment, Cedarville Academy will prepare you for college in a way few other online education programs can!
College Plus
Is your homeschooler prepared for college or to earn dual credit? Find out in 4 minutes through an assessment survey.
ACCELERATE Dual Enrollment Online with Troy University
800-414-5756, 334-808-6228
Angela Sullivan
ACCELERATE Program Coordinator




The following information is from HSLDA.  http://hslda.org/highschool/military.asp   Current military policy requires homeschool graduates to be treated just like any other high school grad. In January, 2006 President Bush signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act that requires all four branches of the Armed Forces to institute a uniform recruitment policy for homeschool graduates that included an exemption for homeschool graduates from any requirement to have a secondary school diploma or a GED (which suggests the student dropped out of high school). However, sometimes receiving fair treatment still comes down to case-by-case interaction with individual recruiters. For homeschool grads who have already taken one or more semesters of college, high school status should not be an issue at all.
HSLDA members who encounter discrimination in the enlistment process should contact HSLDA's legal department immediately to resolve the problem.

by Jeremiah Lorrig, HSLDA’s Deputy Director of Federal Relations

“Your Path to Honor as a Homeschooler”

The U.S. Marine Corps has joined the U.S. Army in actively pursing homeschooled students.

There is more good news for homeschool graduates seeking to enlist in the Armed Services.

Understand the military's tier system and how it has affected homeschoolers.

A basic history of homeschoolers and the military.

HSLDA President Mike Smith recaps the most recent developments in military policy regarding homeschoolers.

HSLDA has been working with the military for several years to remove discriminatory barriers for homeschool graduates. As a result, many homeschoolers are serving our country faithfully in the armed services.

Effective immediately, most homeschoolers enlisting in the military will be considered Tier 1*. HSLDA recently received this news from the Deputy Director of Accession Policy in the Pentagon, Captain Christopher Arendt, USN.sting in the military will be considered Tier 1*. HSLDA recently received this news from the Deputy Director of Accession Policy in the Pentagon, Captain Christopher Arendt, USN.

Curriculum and online classes

AME – Apprenticeship, Mentorship, Entrepreneurship
AME connects young homeschooled students and graduates to professionals, businessmen, and entrepreneurs to provide a life-integrated work experience focused on the character and future of that young person.  Through our web site database, seminars, and more, we help connect young people to prospective mentors in various business and ministry fields.
HSLDA has a great page with lots of suggestions.  HSLDA Curriculum
World Libraries
Rather than go to individual library web sites to search their catalog for a book, just type in the title and your zip code here and they locate the book at any/every library within a 500 mile radius!
Creation Science Association, Mid-America Lending Library
Videotapes, audio tapes, slide sets, filmstrips, books, resources for homeschools. Library services are available on a free-will offering basis. Email Larry.sherry70@gmail.com or for information or visit http://www.csama.org.
The Arapahoe Library offers Byki (Before you know it) rapid lajnguage learing system. Click here and scroll down to Byki Online
Byki is a rapid language learning system, with over 70 different languages.
Thank you notes can be sent to Cynthia Kiyotake, the Web Coordinator at APL – it will help keep this program growing and expanding. (ckiyotake@ald.lib.co.us)
Bookshare.org  A searchable online library. Bookshare offers more than 50,000 digital books, textbooks, teacher-recommended reading, periodicals and assistive technology tools for readers of all ages.  Bookshare offers affordable membership, unlimited library privileges and a community of Members, Volunteers, parents, publishers and authors.  Individual Memberships:  $75 ($25 one-time set up fee + $50 annual fee)  http://www.bookshare.org/membershipOptions
Biblical Concourse
http://biblicalconcourse.com/  The Concourse is connecting Biblically minded people with each other to effect higher education within their families.  The Biblical Concourse of Home Universities provides supplemental courses, curriculum, and projects to Christian families who are pursuing their own unique alternatives to institutional college learning. Participants include high school students, college students, graduate students, and professionals desiring to continue their education. The Concourse knowledge and people resources help individuals and families implement Biblical truth and creatively challenge the cultural norms in their occupations.
Patrick Henry College Preparatory Academy
http://www.phcprep.org/  PHC is a distance learning program for homeschooled high schoolers that offers excellent academic instruction with a fully integrated Christian world view. The courses prepare students for the College Board’s Advanced Placement* (AP*) exams and for the most rigorous college classes.
Home School Science Academy
Greg Landry, M.S.
14-Year Veteran Homeschool Dad
Director, Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab
office: 828-265-4101
Teen Leadership Camps
Patrick Henry College (PHC) Does your teen have an interest in traditional camp activities while exploring an academic discipline from a distinctively Christian worldview? PHC summer teen camps are taught by PHC faculty and other experts and include field trips to historic and U.S. government sites. Previous camps included the areas of journalism, strategic intelligence, constitutional law, drama, debate, music, and Kuck’s camp for those with an interest in physics. Campers receive a taste of college life as they stay in the college dorms, attend chapel, and interact with current PHC students serving as camp staff. Teens, ages 14–18, are welcome to participate. At PHC’s website, you can access full details about the 2010 camp offerings.
Generation Joshua iGovern iGovern East (held on the Patrick Henry Campus in Purcellville, VA) or iGovern West (outside of Colorado Springs, CO) is a wonderful opportunity for your teen to experience the steps involved in writing, defending, and passing legislation, while learning about American politics from a Christian worldview. Campers will also take part in a mock presidential election and hear from well-known speakers. iGovern camps are not all work and no play! iGovern East gives your teen the special opportunity to visit and explore our nation’s beautiful capital during the camp’s day trip into the city. They’ll visit the Capitol building, Smithsonian museums, Washington Monument, and many other sites through this once-in-a-lifetime camp experience. Specific to iGovern West, your teens will enjoy all types of fun outdoor activities—archery, water fights, horseback riding, and more.
JH Summer Wind For students in the 9th–12th grades, JH Ranch’s goal is to build the teen’s character and godly values through practical applications during two weeks of various activities. The camp limits the number of attendees, so you will want to register your teen early to be assured a spot.
Miracle Mountain Ranch Missions Wild West, Wilderness, and Horsemanship camps are some of the options offered by Miracle Mountain Ranch Missions. MMRM also has opportunities for teens (ages 16 and up) who not only want to experience camp, but who are also looking for a summer ministry where they will be challenged to develop leadership skills. If your teen has a heart for the Lord and for children, consider MMRM’s “teens in training” program. Summer staff attends training starting June 10 to prepare for seven weeks of summer camp ministry. Positions include counselors, wranglers, horsemanship instructors, vaulting instructors, and lifeguards.
Worldview Camps
Summit Ministries offers young adults (ages 16–24) a two week camp preparing them for college or the workforce where they’ll face many different ideas that are in conflict to a biblical worldview. They will receive instruction in worldview analysis, apologetics and leadership. Summit Ministries’ camps are held in Colorado, Tennessee, and Virginia.
Worldview Academy Leadership Camp is for teens ages 13 and up. Students learn about servant leadership, apologetics/evangelism, and comparative worldviews. The six-day camp includes creative activities, worship, and thought provoking seminars.
Academic Camps
Homeschool Science Academy’s Anatomy and Physiology Camp Teens interested in the sciences (especially careers in the medical field: physical therapy, nursing, sports medicine, forensics, etc.) may want to check out Homeschool Science Academy’s Anatomy and Physiology Camp. Geared to 9th–12th graders, teens will enjoy hands-on experiments (including dissecting cow and sheep organs and labs using human cadavers!) in a unique learning environment. The camp is held in the Appalachian Mountains near Boone, NC.
Continental Singers
Continental Singers If your teen wishes to combine the performing arts with sharing the gospel, the Continental Singers touring group offers opportunities to do just that as young adults take part in music missions, leadership development, and performing arts’ ministries.
Military Service Academies
Military Service Academies Teens who are interested in attending one of the military academies should investigate the summer seminars offered for rising high school seniors. The purpose of these camps is to provide teens a realistic view of cadet life. Each academy has its own application requirements and registration deadlines. Because these camps are very competitive, it is important to closely follow the guidelines for admission and apply early.
Spiritual Life “Camps”
HSLDA lists short term mission trips.  They list a number of agencies who cater specifically to youth who are interested in learning more about a career in missions.
Word of Life Camps For many years Word of Life has encouraged young people in their relationship with God through relevant Bible teaching and worship. Summer camps in New York and Florida combine this purpose with many fun activities.
Script Frenzy
Script Frenzy  Script Frenzy is an international writing event in which participants attempt the creatively daring feat of penning a screenplay, stage play, TV script, or comic book script in the month of April. It is free of cost for kids and teens and provides professional writing resources to participants and educators. Our Young Writers Program is specifically designed for grade levels K-12 and our lesson plans (http://ywp.scriptfrenzy.org/lessonplans) are California State Standardized. We also offer free classroom kits (http://ywp.scriptfrenzy.org/leaderskits), and downloadable work books (http://ywp.scriptfrenzy.org/overview). Last year, over a thousand schools and homeschools used our programs to become better readers and writers!
Southern Colorado Rocketeers
The Rocketeers support the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum's model and High Power Rocket flying program by managing the Hudson Ranch Launch site in coordination with the local chapter of the 4H. The launch site offers an FAA Waiver to fly rockets to a maximum altitude of 10,000 feet Above Ground Level (15,500 feet Mean Sea Level). Additionally, the section supports model rocket building sessions for home schoolers and church groups. The section also supports national engineering competitions such as the Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) where teams can win cash prizes and participate in international competitions.  www.scronline.net  (719) 671-2407  jasonunwin@wildblue.net
Cheyenne Fencing Society & Modern Pentathlon Center, in Denver Learn to Fence Children explore this unique sport of FENCING in a safe environment where the rewards are great in accomplishment and recognition. Our coaches will teach them, footwork, bladework and bouting tactics and history of fencing as well as work ethics. Fencing helps improve a child's socialization, concentration, time management, physical fitness, confidence, and respect.
Homeschool fencing class
Days: Thurs
Class time:11-12 noon
Ages: 7-18 (parents are welcome to participate with their child for the first month for free)
Private lessons, group classes available daily.
5818 E. Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80220 (between Colorado Blvd and Monaco)
Lubbock Christian Univeristy
LCU Online now offers an Organizational Management Degree that can be completed 100% online.  This online Leadership Degree is perfect for a student who already has an associate's degree. The program trains students in the problem-solving and interpersonal skills needed to succeed in nearly any field, while emphazizing the importance of effective management at all levels.  You'll find more information here: Organizational Management Degreehttp://onlineprograms.lcu.edu/bsom/organizational-management-degree-development.asp

More Information

HSLDA's High School Page

Homeschooling Thru High School Newsletter Excellent resource from HSLDA


Colorado High School Homeschool loop http://coloradohighschoolloop.blogspot.com.  This site is a wealth of information for high schoolers. It includes local events to how to figure out GPA's and much more.

Getting Ready for College info click here

UnderGradZone   http://www.undergradzone.com   A great site with lots of information.  A few of the topics: 1. High School Decisions – what to do when 2. Test Preparation with a few samples of questions 3. Admission Process 4. Paying for College 4. College Life.

HSNation.com   http://www.hsncommunity.com/pg/expages/read/About/   The Homeschool Nation is here to help homeschoolers prepare for college, win scholarship money and find the right school.Our mission is to provide all the information you will need to plan and prepare for college. We have partnered with colleges across the country who are dedicated to the development and success of homeschoolers.

Prepped for Success: What Every Parent Should Know about the College Application Process by A. Nicki Washington
A book authored for any parent of a high school freshman to senior. This guide is designed to provide parents with information on every critical component of the college application process, including identifying majors and schools, completing the application, understanding standardized tests, financial aid, and the FAFSA, and post-decision activities to complete, once the acceptance (or rejection) letters have been received. Parents of international students are also able to benefit from this guide, as it outlines additional requirements for pursuing a college education in the U.S. Each chapter provides valuable resources for accomplishing each goal, and concludes with FAQs and a suggested timeline for completing the activities described therein. A monthly calendar of students’ senior year of high school completes the book, outlining each of the activities to be accomplished. This guide ensures that parents are well-informed and well-prepared for their students’ senior-year activities prior to reaching the 12th grade.

College Professor Critiques Homeschoolers copyright 2009 by Greg Landry, M.S.

I teach sophomore through senior level college students – most of them are "pre-professional" students. They are preparing to go to medical school, dental school, physical therapy school, etc.

As a generalization, I've noticed certain characteristics common in my students who were homeschooled. Some of these are desirable, some not.

Desirable characteristics:

1. They are independent learners and do a great job of taking initiative and being responsible for learning. They don't have to be "spoon fed" as many students do. This gives them an advantage at two specific points in their education; early in college and in graduate education.

2. They handle classroom social situations (interactions with their piers and professors) very well. In general, my homeschooled students are a pleasure to have in class. They greet me when they enter the class, initiate conversations when appropriate, and they don't hesitate to ask good questions. Most of my students do none of these.

3. They are serious about their education and that's very obvious in their attitude, preparedness, and grades.

Areas where homeschooled students can improve:

1. They come to college less prepared in the sciences than their schooled counterparts – sometimes far less prepared. This can be especially troublesome for pre-professional students who need to maintain a high grade point average from the very beginning.

2. They come to college without sufficient test-taking experience, particularly with timed tests. Many homeschooled students have a high level of anxiety when it comes to taking timed tests.

My advice to homeschooling parents:

1. If your child is even possibly college bound and interested in the sciences, make sure that they have a solid foundation of science in the high school years.

2. Begin giving timed tests by 7th or 8th grade. I think it is a disservice to not give students timed tests. They tend to focus better and score higher on timed tests, and, they are far better prepared for college and graduate education if they've taken timed tests throughout the high school age years.

In the earlier years the timed tests should allow ample time to complete the test as long as the student is working steadily. The objective is for them to know it's timed yet not to feel a time pressure. This helps students to be comfortable taking timed tests and develops confidence in their test-taking abilities.

Greg Landry, M.S.
Director, Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab
office: 828-265-4101
Greg@homeschoolscienceacademy.com http://www.HomeschoolScienceAcademy.com

Greg Landry is a 14 year veteran homeschool dad and college professor. He also teaches one and two semester online science classes, and offers free 45 minute online seminars. http://www.HomeschoolScienceAcademy.com