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High School Requirements in CO

Each high school in the state sets their own standards for graduation. There are no state requirements. Because you are overseeing your child’s education, you set the requirements and when your child has met your requirements, you graduate them – you sign the diploma (do not panic, it is no different than a private school issuing and signing a diploma). We recommend that you determine the requirements for your child according to what they want to do after high-school.

If they want to go to college, look online at the college they might be interested in (or a state college if you aren’t sure), and plan your high school curriculum around what it takes to get admitted to that college. If they do not plan to go to college, you can set your own requirements, but it should be approximately 6 – 7 classes per year.

Classes & Programs


www.coloradoheritage.org | coloradoheritage@msn.com




CollegePlus! is a revolutionary Christian based distance learning program helping students earn their fully accredited bachelor’s degree in a fraction of the time and cost of the traditional university system.


Crossroads Christian Academy

www.ccahomeschool.com | cca_homeschool@outlook.com | 303-220-9067

Crossroads Christian Academy provides academic support to families homeschooling through high school, as well as a community of believers with which to learn and grow. We charge a small monthly facility fee, and then offer both free and fee-based classes. We meet on Mondays and Thursdays, near Broadway and C-470, and students complete their assignments at home the remaining three days. Students may take one class or several. We also offer transcript help and community service activities.


Rock Solid High School

www.rocksolidhighschool.org | dslkem@gmail.com | 303-797-1005

Rock Solid-a homeschool high school, is an option for your family if you are interested in a challenging yet rewarding experience for your student, both academically and personally. We offer FULL AND PART TIME classes on campus Tuesdays and Fridays, working at home the other three days of the week.


Dual Enrollment

If you are dual enrolling – doing high school and college during the high school years – here are the contacts for these Community Colleges:

Pikes Peak Community College | Glenn Englund, Director of Special School Partnerships

glenn.englund@ppcc.edu | 719-338-4478


Arapahoe Community College | Howard Fukaye, Director of Pre-Enrollment Services

howard.fukaye@arapahoe.edu | 303-797-5622


Taylor University



Cedarville Academy






Troy University



Diplomas, Graduation Ceremonies, & Supplies

CHEC Graduation Cermonies

CHEC Diploma Printing

HSLDA Graduation Store



There have been some recent improvements in the way homeschoolers are treated when looking at a military career. Current military policy requires homeschool graduates to be treated just like any other high school grad. In January, 2006 President Bush signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act that requires all four branches of the Armed Forces to institute a uniform recruitment policy for homeschool graduates that included an exemption for homeschool graduates from any requirement to have a secondary school diploma or a GED (which suggests the student dropped out of high school). However, sometimes receiving fair treatment still comes down to case-by-case interaction with individual recruiters. For homeschool grads who have already taken one or more semesters of college, high school status should not be an issue at all.

HSLDA members who encounter discrimination in the enlistment process should contact HSLDA’s legal department immediately to resolve the problem.

Updated Military Information


College Links

Accredited Online Colleges




Chambers College



Colorado Christian University (CCU)

www.ccu.edu | www.ccu.edu/music


Master’s Collge



Patrick Henry College



Financial Aid & Other College-related Links







For instruction and development ideas for producing and maintaining your child’s transcripts see these websites:

Why Transcripts are Crucial for Homeschooled Graduates

Transcripts: A Simple Checklist

12 Most Common Transcript Transgressions






High schoolers often take the PSAT, SAT, or ACT in preparation for college admission. The links below provide test prep courses, information about each test, and comparisons of the SAT and ACT.

John Baylor Test Prep


www.faceschool.com | info@faceschool.org | 303-426-8484

Family Academy of Christian Education offers the PSATs to all students that would like to take it. It is especially beneficial for 11th graders as this is where National Merit Scholarship winners are found.


ACT Information, Test Dates, Registration

SAT/PSAT Information, Test Dates, Registration


SAT vs. ACT (article)

ACT vs. SAT (article)