Special Needs & Gifted

IEP Information

Homeschooling a child with a Public School IEP?: If your child has an IEP at the time you withdraw him or her to homeschool you should send IEP Withdrawal Letter along with your Notice of Intent or your withdrawal form from the Independent School you enrolled with. This sample letter was created by HSLDA and has specific instructions for its use.

The inclusion of these entries on this bulletin board does not constitute an endorsement by Christian Home Educators of Colorado of the program, organization, or tutor. It is the parent’s responsibility to investigate who will be involved in their children’s education. We encourage parents to thoroughly investigate a potential program and to stay involved on an ongoing basis with their children’s teachers. You should also ask for references and talk to others who have used these organizations/persons’ talents.

Services from the public schools: The schools are not obliged to provide services unless you follow their stipulations, so if they require enrollment, there is nothing in the law to make them provide services. However some schools will provide the service if you are enrolled in a private school (such as the CHEC Independent School) if that private school does not provide such services (which CHEC Independent School does not), some school districts might the provide services – but once again, it is probably up to the school district.


Prescription for Success


anderson_cl@comcast.net | www.prescriptionforsuccess.net

Location: Parker

Services: Educational Consulting Services and Training.

Prescription for Success is a cognitive learning center in Parker, CO, that specializes in treating Dyslexia, AD/ADHD, Slow Processing, Auditory and Visual Processing problems, Poor Memory, Sensory Processing Disorder, and much more. Our comprehensive testing will pinpoint “WHY” your child is having learning difficulties. A personalized, intensive home treatment plan is developed for the client. K-Adult students are welcome. Achieve your learning potential at Prescription For Success.




Can I do it?, Resources, the law, and FAQ. (If you are a memeber of HSLDA they also provide special needs coordinators you can call.)


NATHHAN (National Challenged Homeschoolers Associated Network)


Special Needs National Support Group – Equipping parents to raise their children with special needs or disabilities confidently.


PREACCH (Parents Rearing and Educating Austistic Children in Christian Homes)



National Down Syndrome Society



Mile High Down’s Syndrome Association, Inc.



Mountain Valley Developmental Services


Works with adults and children who are developmentally disabled


Learning Disabilities Association of America



Colorado Talking Book Library


For those who have physical disabilities that prevent them from reading


Braille Institute



Davis Dyslexia Associaton International



Christian Cottage  Home School Services


Mike and Teri Spray offer testing, evaluations, and curriculum design


Learning Connection



Child Diagnostics


Dianne Craft offers Individual consultations, nutrition counseling, Brain Integration Therapy Seminrs


Brain Workout Center (Structure of the Intellect)


Paula and Jerry Perron offer cognitive, sensory-motor and eye movement therapy, auditory, visual and thinking skills


Gifted Development Center


Gifted children with Learning Disabilities


Dr. Paul Zimmerman



M. Lee Watt


Testing, intervention for learning difficulties


Julie Bohn


Educational therapy for students with learning disabilities


Transformations for Children and Adults


Rebecca Kennard offers Brain Integration Therapy


Fast Focusing Center/Learning and Cognition Training


Services for children with ADHD. We offer a viable and effective strategy which is an alternative to medication. A program which was initially designed for NASA to help pilots keep their focus and concentration on lengthy missions has also been found to improve focus and concentration in people with AD/HD as well. This program is now available at the Fast Focusing Center. In addition to this program, Debera Jensen also works at our center with children and adults with learning disabilities, anxiety, depression, trauma, closed head injuries and more. Our staff psychologist, Dr. Steven Stockdale, as well as Debera and her husband, Alan, are available to speak at meetings or gatherings to parents in your community.


Naomi Bird, MT-BC

naomi.m.bird@gmail.com | 720-938-3717

Service: Piano lessons especially for late beginners and individuals with special needs and Music therapy sessions for individuals of all ages

Credentials: Music Therapist-Board Certified


Sherrie Evans

dawntreader7@comcast.net | 720-690-9333

Service: Math K through AlgebraI and Excellent Reading Program

Credentials: Degree in Psychology and Social Work Experience helping children with learning disabilities. Home School experience 15 yrs.


Julie Grotheer

jgrotheer@dishmail.net | 303-646-5247

Service: testing in all areas of reading including spelling and writing, and math K-6th

Credentials: CO certified highly qualified special educator with 20 years of experience. Professional work in public, private and charter schools


Julie Grotheer

jgrotheer@dishmail.net | 303-646-5247

Service: testing in all areas of reading including spelling and writing, and math K-6th

Credentials: CO certified highly qualified special educator with 20 years of experience. Professional work in public, private and charter schools


Anna’s House LLC
Service: Neuro-Developmental Delay Therapy, sound therapy through Listening Fitness, Academic Integration
Credentials: Anna Buck: BA Christian Education, Certified and Licensed Neuro-Developmental Delay Therapist, Certified Listening Fitness Instructor, Certified trainer in Bilateral Integration.

Crystal Punch
Service: Dyslexia, math, writing, focus for the visual learner or picture thinker-Understanding who you are as a learner and applying these principals to learning.
Credentials: BS- Secondary science/math, teaching degree, Davis Dyslexia facilitator.

Free Special Needs Teaching Resources

Achievement Products for Children
Achievement Products for Children offers a wide selection of high quality therapy products that help special needs children overcome daily challenges and achieve their full potential. For more than 30 years, theyve been a leading provider of pediatric rehabilitation equipment. The products make caring for and teaching special needs children with physical challenges, brain injury, sensory integration disorder, and cognitive learning disabilities easier.

Information and Links

Activity equipment for physical and occupational theray

Educators Publishing Services

Prufrock Press

Simplified Learning Products
Joyce Herzog’s resources for those that learn differently

Disability Resources on the Internet

Homeschool Central

Texas Special Kids

AbleData provides objective information on assistive technology and rehabilitation equipment

The Teaching Home Magazine
July/August 1994 Edition constains an excellent section on special needs

Woodbine House

Books and Information

Brain Balance Achievement Center
303-278-1780 – Golden
We are a hemispheric based learning center that works with families who’s children struggle with ADHD, Asperger’s, Autism, Learning Disorders and Sensory Issues. We offer a multi-modal approach that includes sensory, motor, academic stimulation as well as dietary changes. This is a program that does not rely on drugs, psychotherapy or medical procedures.
Credentials: Supplemental Learning Center

Results Learning
Greenwood Village , Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, Denver
Service: Academic Coaching and tutoring, personalized to each students learning style and needs
Credentials: Licensed Special Educators, Reading Specialists, Twice Exceptional teachers

Desiderata School Inc.
Longmont, Boulder, Louisville, Lafyette
Service: Independent Study

Mary Bolles
Boulder, CO
Service: 30-day Multisensory Program addressing global delays as well as visual and auditory processing problems and sensory integration disorder.
Credentials: Founder of Sensory Learning Center International

Learn Differently
Kathy Kuhl
Herndon, VA
Service: Advice by phone or Skype on planning, resources, and support for new or experienced homeschoolers, regarding learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, autism spectrum disorders, and giftedness. Free initial consultation. http://learndifferently.com/
Credentials: Speaker at homeschool conferences internationally.  Author, Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner. Homeschooled a child with LD and AD/HD for grades 4-12, and interviewed 64 families with children with various learning disabilities to write this handbook for parents.

Down Syndrome resource guide

Sensory Learning Institute
Service: Sensory training intensive for autism and visaul and auditory processing problems
Credentials: Certified Provider of the Sensory Learning Program.

Printed Resources
The CHEC Guidebook DVD has a 28-page section on Homeschooling the Special Needs Child:

  • Advantages of Homeschooling a Child with Special Needs
  • Home Evaluations of Learning Disabilities
  • Behavior Comes First
  • Strategies for Teaching Children with Learning Disabilities
  • Reading Difficulties, Math challenges, Writing Struggles, Visual Memory Defects, ADD, Hyperactivity, Late Bloomer
  • Strategies for Teaching Children with Developmental Difficulties
  • Teaching Children with Physical Disabilities
  • Challenging the Gifted Learner
  • Writing IEP’s

Speech and Language Therapy

Beyond Speech Therapy Learning, LLC
866-395-1911 Ext. 101

Speech and Myofunctional Clinic of the Front Range
specializing in helping children and adults to overcome articulation difficulties, tongue thrust and digit sucking habits.
Anne Venables, M.H.Sc., CCC

Gina Swanson M.A.
Speech Therapy, specializing in children K-12
Language, Articulation, Stuttering, Voice

Vision Therapy

Highline Vision – Vision therapy and testing
Dr. Jeri Schneebeck, Dr. Jen Simonson, Dr. Jennifer Redmond.

Dr. Marcy Rose – Behavioral Optometrist, Vision therapy and testing

Dr. Lynn Hellenstein – Behavioral Optometrist, Vision therapy and testing

Dr. Louis Spinozzi – Vison Therapy

Informal Assessments/Tests

Informal assessments are quick checks that parent-teachers can make either weekly or quarterly to document a child’s growth in a particular area over time. This allows you, the parent-teacher, to see if the child is retaining the information or skills and/or if your method of instruction or intervention is being effective. One example of this type of informal assessment is the Quick Word Recognition Inventory.  It can be administered to your child in 15 minutes and is best if given quarterly to show your child’s growth in word recognition/decoding skills. It will also help you determine an appropriate grade level placement for reading instruction.

Another easy, informal reading assessment that can be done weekly is a fluency rate on oral reading. For this, the child is asked to read aloud a passage of text for one minute (timed). After one minute, the child stops reading, then the parent-teacher calculates the number of words read and records the words correct per minute. If this is done weekly, the child can chart his fluency rate and hopefully watch it increase! This technique can be done using either a familiar passage or what is called a “cold read” on material that is new to the student. Note, this should be done on material that is at the student’s instructional level for reading, not independent (easy) or frustration level. Instructional level means the child can read the text with 90–94% accuracy.

If you are a member of HSLDA the Brigance Diagnostic Inventory Test is available to rent
The Special Needs Department has Brigance Diagnostic Inventory Test kits available for members to rent. Parents or professionals may administer these tests to determine what skills a child has or has not mastered. These tests are also helpful in determining goals and objectives, mapping out a plan of needed instruction for the year, and for tracking growth/progress from one year to the next. These tests are also widely used in private and public schools for developing individual education plans. So they are a good fit for parents who are homeschooling children with special needs, as these tests can help you in writing your child’s Student Education Plan, should you choose to do so. More information about testing special needs children is here. http://www.hslda.org/strugglinglearner/sn_testing.asp 


Gifted Children

How can you tell if you have a gifted and talented child?