Testing FAQ's

How and when do I assess my child?

Families homeschooling under a Notice of Intent are required to evaluate the academic progress of their children in the odd grades beginning in the 3rd grade by using a nationally standardized test or by having an evaluation done by a qualified evaluator. Parents can administer these standardized tests on their own or have someone to do it for them.

Families homeschooling under the CHEC Independent School must fulfill the assessment requirement at the end of every odd school year after a student reaches the 3rd grade. Click here for more information.

Where do I find the test?

You can order a test from several different companies. Please click here to navigate to the list of companies who offer testing services.

What do I do with the test results?

The test or evaluation results are to be submitted to the school district that received the notice of intent or to an independent or parochial school within the state of Colorado that is willing to hold test scores.  If the test or evaluation results are submitted to an independent or parochial school, the name of the school shall be provided to the school district that received the notice of intent.

The CHEC Independent School is able to hold test scores for those families who have filed a notice of intent and are looking for a place to file the tests.  For a one-time fee of $25.00 we will create a file for your family and add test scores as you submit them to us.  Please print and mail the Request Form, copy of test scores, and payment to CHEC Independent School, 10461 South Parker Rd., Parker, CO 80134.

There are several options available when it comes to selecting a test. Please click here to jump to the explanation for each test. 
Is the TCAP required or acceptable?

Both the homeschool law and the CHEC Independent School policy is to require a nationally standardized test. The TCAP is specific only to students in Colorado which does not fulfill this requirement.

A child's academic progress may also be evaluated by a "qualified" person.  "Qualified person" means an individual who is a licensed teacher, a teacher who is employed by an independent or parochial school, a licensed psychologist, or a person with a graduate degree in education.  Evaluation results must show that the child is making sufficient academic progress according to the child's ability. If you are planning on doing an evaluation, please contact your chosen evaluator at the beginning of the school year to find out if they require a portfolio or record of the child's work. Click here to view a list of evaluators.
If you are a member of the CHEC Independent School, a professional evaluation or our Parent/Teacher Assessment will satisfy this requirement.

Testing FAQ answered by the Teaching Home 

Testing part 1

Testing part 2

Standardized Tests

Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) – 4-year degree required by the administrator; is timed; gives detailed report of test results; HSLDA now interprets the core total from ITBS as satisfying Colorado law for a composite score, so the extra tests to get a "composite" score from ITBS are not deemed necessary. Click here for a sample of the Performance Profile you will receive after completing the test. 

Stanford Achievement Test (SAT) – 4 year degree required by the administrator; is untimed; gives detailed report of test results. As of late 2012, qualified parents or relatives are allowed to administer the SAT to their own children without at least one other family being present for testing.  (Please Note: this is not the SAT that high school students take for college admission. You can find information about the college admission SAT test below under High School Testing)

California Achievement Test (CAT) – No special requirements for the administrator; basic report of test results, online version available (When you see Catform, it is referring to a testing program, not a specific test).  For more information on interpreting CAT results Click Here

Terra Nova Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills (CTBS) - the publisher of the CAT/5, with its 1991 norms, has released this new test that was last normed in 2005. There are no special requirements for the administrator.

NOTE:The PSAT, SAT, and ACT are college entrance exams and do not qualify as Nationally Standardized Achievement tests as required by Colorado homeschool law.

Where to order self-administered tests:

Bob Jones University Press, Testing and Evaluation Service
bjupress.com – BJ Testing and Evaluation Service
Tests available: Iowa Test of Basic Skills, Stanford Achievement Test


Christian Liberty Academy
Christian Liberty Press Testing 
Tests available: California Achievement Test (CAT, 1970), mail-in and online CAT
Note: Christian Liberty does not send a composite test score and Colorado Law requires a composite score.
FOR MAIL IN TEST ORDERS: If you order a test through Christian Liberty, please request a composite score when ordering. 
FOR ONLINE TESTS: If your student takes the online test, AFTER you have received the results (they come via email) please contact Christian Liberty for a composite score. Requests can be submitted to either custserv@christianlibertypress.com, or (800) 348-0899, press 6.


Bayside School Services
Bayside School Services – CAT/5 & TCS


Pearson Education
Stanford 10: Online and Paper Options


Seton Homeschool Services
California Achievement Test (CAT-E)


Family Academy of Christian Education offers the PSATs to all students that would like to take it. Although the PSAT does not qualify as a nationally standardized test, it is especially beneficial for 11th graders as this is where National Merit Scholarship winners are found.
Also, any family that needs to test can obtain the CAT5, CAT6 or IOWA tests, at a discounted price, through FACE. All grades are on hand for immediate use.


Brewer Testing Services
2853 Davis Road
East Bend, NC 27018
Testing questions: 336-699-3997
Ordering questions: dempsey@brewertesting.com
Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS), Terra Nova Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills (CTBS)


Catforms Testing Service
Elida OH
2388 Cremean Rd
Elida OH 45807
Catforms Testing Service provides homeschool testing materials and scoring for the 1970 California Achievement Test. Some of the benefits the Catforms program offers are online ordering, affordable prices, flexible testing dates, and personal service. Student test results include color charts showing performance at a glance, a detailed analysis of specific strengths and weaknesses, and cumulative records from year to year. Sample test results can be found on the website. Parents can administer tests themselves and scoring times are prompt. Of special interest is a new section, www.catforms.com/pages/Testing-101.html , containing valuable information about achievement tests and tests in general.
Service: We provide the 1970 California Achievement Tests for home schools and private schools. We have been in business since 1994. Our web site, www.catforms.com, gives a complete description of our services and downloadable order forms.



High School Testing

HSLDA's testing information page

High School Testing


Testers and Evaluators

The inclusion of the following entries does not constitute an endorsement by Christian Home Eduators of Colorado of the program, organization, or tutor. It is the parent's responsibility to investigate who will be involved in their children's education. We encourage parents to thoroughly investigate a potential tester and to stay involved on an ongoing basis with their children's testers. You should also ask for references and talk to others who have used these organizations/persons' talents.

Josie Bloodworth
Conifer, Littleton, Highlands Ranch 
Services: Evaluations, Portfolio Assessments, Testing
Credentials: MA Curriculum and Instruction, CO certified teacher


Shannon Atwater
ITBS/Woodcock-Johnson III, Stanford Achievement Test


Christian Cottage Home School Services
3560 W. Dawson Road
Sedalia, CO 80135
303-688-6626 / 888-286-5494
Woodcock Johnson Diagnostic Test


Jill Bailey
Colorado Springs, CO 719-637-0797

Jan Hummel
Loveland, CO 970-667-1449


Yvonne Polhemus
Castle Rock, CO 


Sharon Lindsay
Sedalia, CO
Woodcock Johnson Diagnostic Test


Colorado Heritage Education School Systems (CHESS)
James Clifford, Administrator
1300 9th Street
Greeley, CO 80631
ITBS (Iowa Test of Basic Skills), personal evaluation


Westminster 303-426-8484
CAT, ITBS, TerraNova/CAT 6
On-line standardized testing by CTB/McGraw Hill


Cheryl Kasson, PhD
Denver Metro Area 303-922-2797
Evaluator, portfolio assessment, specializes in unschooling and special needs


Elma Field
Denver 303-423-5664
ITBS, evaluations. Also gives curriculum advice and advice on getting started.
Reading evaluations and solutions


Nancy Horne, MS
Colorado Springs Area 719-495-9702


M. Lee Watt
Denver, Colorado 303-985-8840
Woodcock Johnson, FirstSTEP, Interactive Metronome, PACE, approved BJU tester, identify underlying casuses of learning difficulties.


Dayspring Christian Schools
Greeley 970-330-1151
SAT, ACT, PSAT, PLAN. AP for Biology, English, History, Calculus


Deborah Randall: Learning in the Springs
Homeschool Evaluator and Testing Assistance
Website: learningsprings.wix.com/learningsprings
Telephone: 719-229-6933

Shema Christian Academy
Carol Hartz 303-678-1989
Diane Aschmann 303-678-1672
PO Box U
Berthoud, CO 80513
Offers Stanford Achievement Test , CAT, ITBS


Glenda Childs
Shiloh Christian Academy
Highlands Ranch, CO
Woodcock Johnson III Test of Achievement
303 937-1567
Credentials: BA~Elem. Ed. & MA ~ Curriculum & Instruction, 22 years of experience in the field of education


Elizabeth Ridgway, MS
Northern Colorado
MS, Special Education and Educational Diagnostics, BS in Education, Teaching Certificates in CO, TX, and IL.
Woodcoock Johnson III Test and the Iowa Test of Basic Skills


Julie Grotheer
Elizabeth, CO
Service: testing in reading, spelling writing, and math K-6th website: www.learning-consultant.com
Credentials: CO. Certified special educator and Elementary Ed. 20 years of experience in public, private, and charter schools.


Judy Van Acker
Canon City, CO

Evaluator since 1990.  Whether you use a formal curriculum or you are an unschooler, this easy evaluation template will meet your needs, and fulfill the requirements of Colorado Homeschool Law. Credentials: Colorado Certified Teacher. Masters in Library Science.


Joan Girkins
Service: Stanford Achievement Test, Iowa Test of Basic Skills
Credentials: I am an approved tester through Bob Jones University


Kim Almas
Broomfield and surrounding cities
2boysmom00@comcast.net (preferred)
Service: Evaluations based on work samples (portfolios or notebooks welcome!) and oral reading assessment. My approach is thorough, yet not intimidating or overwhelming for your child.
Credentials: Current teaching license in CO and CA. Experience with a variety of schooling methods, styles, and curricula. Experience working with special needs and accelerated students. 10 years in the classroom, 3 years as consultant/evaluator for a homeschool charter, and currently a homeschooling mom.


Kate Buckius
Service: Educational Assessment
Credentials: BA in Elementary Education, MA in Special Education


Michelle Malchuk
Greeley, Evans, Johnstown
Service: testing
Credentials: Bob Jones approved tester

Angela Dormish
Service: evaluations, testing, and tutoring.
Credentials: BS in Elementary Education Homeschooler and Options School Teacher


Wanda Eppes, Psy.D.
Woodland Park
Service: Testing: IQ/Autism/ Academics/Attention/ Processing/Behavior/Mood/Personality
Credentials: Licensed Colorado Psychologist and CDE School Psychologist. Former Home-School mom, public school teacher and currently dual practitioner with a Christian worldview.


Karen Beach
Denver, Littleton, Morrison
Service: Testing
Credentials: Certified Elementary School Teacher Orton-Giullingham/Barton Certified Tutor


Whitney Wade
Colorado Springs, Peyton, Falcon, Fountain
Service: Testing
Credentials: Stanford/Iowa Test administrator


CHEC Independent School Assessment Information

If you are enrolled with the CHEC Independent School for the current academic year, you are considered a private school educator/student and the assessment laws applicable to homeschoolers are not applicable to Independent School families. The policies listed below will define the requirements for students enrolled in the CHEC Independent School.

  • an assessment (any of the options listed below) is required at the close of odd academic years, not grade levels. (e.g., end of 2015, 2017, 2019 academic years)

  • every student who has reached the age that would typically have him/her in 3rd grade is required to submit an assessment per the details below.

  • the CHEC Independent School will accept:

    • any nationally standardized achievement test (the CHEC Independent School will accept an SAT or ACT test),
    • a professional academic evaluation,
    • or our Parent/Teacher Assessment

  • if a student is in the grade that matches his age, he/she may use any of the three options.

  • if a student is operating at a higher modified grade level, they may use any of the three options but if a Nationally Standardized test is chosen, they must take the test of the modified (higher) grade level.

  • if a student is operating at a lower grade level, they must submit either a professional academic evaluation or Parent/Teacher Assessment. We cannot accept test results from an older student submitting a lower-grade Nationally Standardized Achievement test.