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CHEC’s 2013/2014 Speaker List

This list of speakers is designed to help support groups to obtain speakers on a wide array of topics. Support groups should contact the speakers to identify those who would best fits their needs, schedule, and budget. Some speakers are willing to travel to surrounding states.


Nancy Casterline


Phone: 303-371-8038

Speaking fee: Love offerings gratefully accepted

Travel/accommodation: gas money is helpful, overnight stays would require discussion.


Getting Started

The Law

Special Needs (particularly "what counts as school")


Mike Chapa


Phone: 719-433-5158

Speaking Fee: None expected, a love offering as the Lord leads you would be appreciated.

Travel/Accommodations: Travel expenses should be covered (mileage, flight, meals, lodging, etc.) for Mike and one family member.

Titles and Descriptions:

Why Should We Homeschool?

In this talk, Mike covers a Christian philosophy behind homeschooling.  There are many reasons to homeschool, but most are not reasons that purposefully extend God’s kingdom.  We are immersed in a culture that has deviated so far from the Bible that we often do not see how far we have gone astray.  This is a survey of commonly discussed pro and con arguments regarding homeschooling with specific applications for both boys and girls.

Fighter Pilot, Test Pilot, Now What God?

Mike discusses life from 50,000 feet after a life in the cockpit of fighter jets.  This talk is particularly helpful to grown men who have not achieved their dreams, are overly busy trying to achieve their dreams, or have achieved their dreams and forgot about what mattered along the way.  This is also helpful for young men to challenge them to keep priorities straight in life.

High School Math & Science

This talk is given at the CHEC High School & Beyond seminar and addresses the sometimes fearful topic of advanced math and science.  Many decide to give up on homeschooling because of these subjects—Mike encourages parents that they can do this!  After teaching university level engineering, Mike addresses how much and what kinds of math & science are needed to prepare for God’s calling on a child’s life.  Specific discussions relate to a college track v. non-college track.

Beyond High School

What about after High School?  Too many homeschoolers are languishing for lack of vision after they graduate.  The principles behind a Christian education and worldview do not have to be abandoned after High School, but what do we do now?  This talk addresses the need for and methods of obtaining a college education, apprenticeship-mentorship-entrepreneurship, and learning during our entire lives for the advancement of God’s kingdom.


Mike Cheney


Phone: 303-646-2895

Speaking Fee: None required, but appreciated if available

Travel and Accommodations: For travel out of the Greater Denver and Front Range area and for overnight stays asks the sponsoring group to pay the cost for his travel and accommodations plus that of one family member.

Biography: Mike and his wife, Roxie, have been blessed with two children, Annie and Corey, whom they have home educated since birth. After leaving the corporate real estate world in 1997, Mike opened a hot dog stand in downtown Denver and, later, a real estate brokerage from their home, allowing him to spend more time with his family.   Mike’s passion is to see the Lord turn the hearts of men to their wives and children and to see them freed from the trappings of their occupations which comes at the expense of their families.  The Cheneys are blessed to serve CHEC as Conference Coordinators from 2001 – 2012. Mike has served as CHEC's Operations Director since January 2002 and is the Director of the AME program.

Titles and Descriptions:

The Conference is About More Than Homeschooling

The movement is bigger than all of us and it belongs to the Lord.  As leaders, I encourage you to think big.  Look and think outside the homeschooling box to the worldview, Relationships and  Multi-generational implications.  Think of the vision!  Each year, in response to the question “What would you like to see more of at next years’ conference?” Colorado conference attendees don’t tell us they want more math and history and language arts and foreign language.  The overwhelming majority tell us they want more worldview, more philosophy, more encouragement, and more about family relationships (marriage and parent/child).  They want more VISION!

Inspiring and Shepherding Leaders In Your Organization

Be trustworthy, be transparent, be a friend. By leading from the position of a servant, by forming friendships and making a commitment to develop long lasting relationships, the focus shifts from one of volunteers working to accomplish a task to brothers and sisters in Christ devoted to serving each other in an atmosphere of trust and fellowship and joy.  The work gets done without it feeling like a constant uphill climb. The benefits include long standing commitment and wonderful friendships in Christ!

The Nuts and Bolts of Building A Team Of Servant Leaders

Paying attention to the little things will keep the big things moving in the right direction. Dozens of little things that, done consistently and with purpose, will emphasize the ongoing commitment, provide encouragement throughout the year, develop strong friendships through transparency and hospitality and keep the vision constantly in front of your brothers and sisters.

Broadening The Vision While Sharpening The Focus

The conference is a 2-3 day event each year.  How is your organization leading, supporting and providing vision to families the other 362 days? Increase your plan of consistent outreach with the goal in mind to increase vision while tending to the day to day- Support Groups, Board of Directors, other events, financial support, ongoing communication.  Remain at the visionary forefront, tend to the details and do not grow weary in well doing

The Changing of One Man’s Heart

From the corner suite to the street corner- The story of how the Lord used Christian Homeschooling to turn my heart toward my wife and children and to give me an understanding of Deuteronomy 6 and Psalm 78

Men- Leading in The Home and Leading in The Movement

A few insights and practical applications I am learning for husbands leading in their homes and leading in the Christian Homeschool movement.  Why and how- Gentlemen, most of us know that it is our responsibility to lead our families including the teaching of our children.  The tough part for many of us lies in the order of priority and the very practical question- How do I do this?

Homeschool High School- Step Right Up, Dads

How dads can use their own experience for the homeschool high school- creating and teaching courses on finances, stewardship, Bible, business, home and auto maintenance and more.  Example course descriptions and practical how-to’s

Apprenticeship, Mentorship, Entrepreneurship: The Vision for the Family Economy
Many parents are discovering that modern education systems and modern society in general are woefully inadequate to prepare their sons and daughters for their futures. This discovery is leading many back to the age-old method of an apprentice working alongside a master. Mike walks through the Apprenticeship/Mentorship program that CHEC has launched granting you another option to prepare your children to follow the direction God places in their lives.
College Alternatives
According to several major publications the price of a college education has been rising at twice the rate of inflation since 1982, College grads since 2005 are experiencing a 50% unemployment rate and 70% of all new jobs being created today DO NOT require a college degree. -Is there a better way to prepare for your life's work than spending 4-6 years piling up debt and obtaining a degree that, in most cases, will not be utilized?


Barbara Helmkamp


Phone: 720-842-0126

Speaking Fee: As arranged.

Travel/Accomodations: As arranged.

Biography:  Barbara Helmkamp has a Ph.D. in physics from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA, and a B.S. Engineering Physics degree from Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO, and she worked as an engineer for Shell Oil Company between degrees and before kids. She also completed a course in theology with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod with units in Old Testament, New Testament, Church History and the Lutheran Confessions. Barbara has presented numerous lectures on creation and science in various venues to diverse age groups–from VBS to high school youth to elder hostel. These include stand-alone lectures as well as an in-depth serial lectures. 

Barbara and her husband, Bob, have been married for over 20 years, and they have two teenage daughters. Bob and Barb school their daughters at home with the CHEC Independent School and Veritas Press Scholars Academy. Barbara also teaches physics and chemistry at Credo Academy, a secondary home school co-op in Lone Tree. The Helmkamp family relocated from Houston to Parker in 2008 when Bob retired from Shell Oil Company.

Barbara will gladly address the specific creation topic your group desires! 


Bill Jack


Phone: 720-232-1175


Speaking Fee: Call for information

Travel/Accommodations: Airfare and hotel costs.

Biography: Bill Jack is an educator with ten years experience in secular schools and 14 years with The Caleb Campaign, a creationist youth ministry.  Currently, Bill Jack is faculty advisor for Worldview Academy, an academic leadership program that seeks to train Christian students to think and live in accord with a Biblical worldview so that they will serve Christ and lead the culture.  Bill has appeared on numerous national radio and television programs and is the producer of several apologetics and worldview training DVDs.  Bill’s passion is to raise up a generation who have the vision to reach their culture with the gospel, who have the valor to engage that culture with the truth and who rely on the virtue of the Word of God.  Bill and his wife, Tabby, and their three children live in Colorado. 

Titles and Descriptions:


Train your students to discern world views and to understand their impact on every aspect of our culture. We will analyze the impact of world views on our culture through interviews with those who hold opposing worldviews.  Great opportunity to learn practical tools to learn how to reach non-Christians and to confront the culture with the Truth.


“Have fun with me as a good soldier of Christ Jesus–____!”  It is very difficult to think and live biblically.  The Wiseman calls Christians to exhibit wisdom in their deeds.  Christians must understand and exercise four essential duties in order to please the One Who enlisted them as soldiers.


The wizards are everywhere in our culture today.  They promise that if we follow their yellow brick road we can have it all—a brain, a heart and courage.  The wizards even promise us a way home.  However—“There is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.”  (Proverbs 14:12)  These wizards include evolutionists, new agers, atheists and sincere followers of false religions.  The wiseman, on the other hand, knows the right path to follow and to whom he should listen.  Christians are to learn how to walk as wise men, “making the most of our time, because the days are evil.” (Ephesians 5:15) Come join us as we take a walk on the “wise” side.  You will learn how to distinguish between the ways of the wizards and the way of the wiseman.  You will learn how to destroy secular arguments “raised up against the knowledge of God” and learn how to “take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.” (II Corinthians 10:5)


Non-Christians seem to have the advantage in our culture.  We, as Christians, are sometimes intimidated by or even afraid to talk with many atheists, new-agers, evolutionists and other Wizards.  Too often, we fear we won’t have answers to their tough questions.

Be encouraged.  Learn four killer questions that will help to destroy the Wizards’ secular thinking that is encasing the minds of friends, relatives and others.  Learn to destroy the Wizards’sloppy, secular arguments without destroying the person.


“Who cares whether it was 6 days or 6 million years!?!?!?  Isn’t this discussion unnecessarily divisive to the Christian community?  Are we not losing credibility with the scientific community and hurting the cause of Christ among non-Christians by insisting on a literal interpretation of Genesis 1-3?” Learn to respond biblically to such charges so that “no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception.”  Old-earthers, progressive creationists and other Wizards come try and stump the wild-eyed, fanatical, six-day creationist.


Christian parents and teachers want their children and their students to love God.  They commit to training their children to love God with all!  Exactly how does that translate into our culture?  What is a FAD?  Learn the three characteristics Christians must have and must instill in teens if we want Christianity to be a FAD for the next generation.  The Wizard’s promises become the illusion of a fad, a passing fancy; The Wiseman’s promise is the FAD that will bless the next generation.

YOU GOTTA’ HAVE HEART  (Jeremiah 17:9)

The secular Wizards offer the appearance of compassion.  In reality it is merely smoke and mirrors. Meet some of these Wizards who claim love is a many splendored thing that begins with self-love.  These Wizards proclaim selfishness is the proper attitude.  In contrast, come, learn the Way of the Wiseman.


Christian parents and teachers want their children and their students to love God.  They commit to training their children to love God with all!  Exactly how does that translate into our culture?  What is a FAD?  Learn the three characteristics Christians must have and must instill in teens if we want Christianity to be a FAD  for the next generation.  The Wizard’s promises become the illusion of a fad, a passing fancy; The Wiseman’s promise is the FAD that will bless the next generation.


Many Christians have never learned how to share their faith effectively with non-Christians in a short conversation.  This session will give the students and parents practical tools with which they can confidently engage others in a conversation that leads them to a knowledge of Christ.


Why do people reject the reliability of the Bible?  It is not the common objections that people give.  Rather it is because they “suppress the truth in unrighteousness.”  (Romans 1:18)  Christians should be able to answer those objections.  Christians should, also, be able to recognize the seven habits that people develop in suppressing the truth which are listed in Romans 1:21-23.  Come see these seven habits come to life through interviews with non-Christians on a college campus.  Learn how you, too, can give a defense of your faith in gentleness and reverence.  (I Peter 3:15)


From peach baskets to pitching mounds, from movies to museums, from…well, come discover what tools and opportunities you might be overlooking to use in reaching this culture.  Practical strategies and insights!


The biggest and most enduring Counterfeit Reality of all time is most cleverly foisted upon people through film.  See how moviemakers convey a secular worldview to the public…in the blink of an eye!  Keep in mind Colossians 2:8, and keep focused on Bill Jack’s media examples and use of technological illusions.  Otherwise, you may lose sight of True Reality.


What can evangelical Christians, evolutionists and atheists have in common?  The Pharisees wanted people to observe the law, but they forgot the purpose of the law and ended up honoring God with their lips but having hearts far away from Him.  Learn how to recognize the masquerade of artificial authority when it parades in culture and even marches into church.


Perched high on the sides of the Alps in northern Italy a small band of believers faced extinction.  This remnant of committed Christians sprang from a group of twelfth century Christian laymen in southern France and eventually sent rippling effects around the world.   What made this small band such a force and a threat to the established church?  What can modern-day Christians learn from them?


At the conclusion of the 19th century Britain had dominated the exploration of the world.  One last plum remained—the Antarctic.  Ernest Shackleton led an expedition to cross the continent itself.  He failed—dramatically and gloriously.  Christians can learn from his nearly legendary style and unmatched leadership skills when faced with seemingly overwhelming challenges to reaching the world for Christ.


What is a Christian to do when evil seems to be winning?  What is the biblical response—especially when one is a student in secular a institution—when a person in position of authority begins to further evil and avenge good?  How does one maintain respect for the position of authority without obeying evil commands?  This is an intense two-hour seminar for youth and adults—homeschoolers and public school students—parents and teachers.


Jesus mentioned wheat and tares looking similar even up to the point of harvest time.  How can one distinguish a pseudo-Christian cult from biblical Christianity?  What commonalities do the pseudo-Christian cults—specifically Latter Day Saints and Jehovah Witnesses have in common?  Better yet, how should a Christian respond when the pseudo-Christian cults knock on his door?


Come meet the most dangerous professor your students will sit under in college.  Everyone has a preference, a bias, when it comes to matters of style, cuisine or automobiles.  However, when it comes to the big issues of life, such as, “Where did life originate?” our mental leaning, our bias, is often shaped by the current cultural thinking or a favorite professor.  You wouldn’t trust just anyone to recommend a stock, car or even a pizza joint, so why accept the biased opinion of a teacher, politician or self-proclaimed expert when it comes to the big questions?  Come discover the bias that infects much of academia when it comes to the question of origins, and, most importantly which bias is the best bias to be biased by?


“What if…?”  Few people have taken the time to consider their answers, and most people do not anticipate being asked such a question.  Both disarming and challenging, “What happens when you die?” is a great spiritual conversation starter.  Many assume the possibilities are numerous or even infinite.  Yet, there really are only FOUR serious answers.  Discover how to respond to whatever answer one receives by watching spontaneous, on-the-street interviews.  Learn how to ask thought-provoking follow-up questions. Great session for students and adults.


Who cares what Jesus would drive?  Christian environmentalists are asking the question in order to “drive” the church to proclaim a greener Gospel.   Have Christians missed the importance of caring for the earth by focusing for so long on other social issues such as abortion, euthanasia, Marxism, terrorism, gambling and premarital sex?  Can we not sit in the same pew with environmentalists’ groups without compromising Truth and Grace?  How should we, as Christians, address the environment without worshipping Mother Earth?


“LOST”—the word conjures images of panicked pilots flying through the Bermuda Triangle, or desperate explorers wandering aimlessly through uncharted territories, or a solitary sailor clinging helplessly to the wreckage of his ship.  To be lost leads to despair, panic and hopelessness.  Discover what has been “lost in America’s culture” but be encouraged by the hope Christians alone offer to a desperate culture lost without Christ.

WHATEVER! (Deut. 12:32)

“Whatever is the meaning of life?”  “Whatever happens when one dies?”  “Whatever is your highest value?”–questions that demand more than a “Whatever!” answer.  The “Whatever!” answer of Secular thinking dampens and even squelches serious thought and attempts at engaged conversation in our culture.   The “Whatever!” of Secularism even invades the church.  Rather than be discouraged, take heart in God’s command in Deuteronomy 12:32


“Help! I can’t breathe!”  Too often, Christian parents smother their children’s zeal to “destroy speculations raised up against the knowledge of God” with three little words.  If you want to raise up children who are not “taken captive” by secular thought in the church, if you want to raise up warriors for Jesus, if you want to learn the three little words Christians should NEVER use, take a deep breath and step into this workshop based on II Corinthians 10:5.


It is the only rock we eat, and yet is essential to life.  What makes salt the spice of life?  How does salt shake out in the Christian’s experience? Discover how such a common expression such as, “Pass the salt, please,” can transform the Christian’s outlook on the world around him.   


“Would you agree the Bible teaches…that men are superior to women…that God helps those who help themselves…that Jesus’ main message was to love one another…?” Listen and watch in amazement at the responses from college students and people on the streets give when Bill Jack asks about their knowledge of Scripture.  See how people love to display their ignorance.  Learn how conversationally to destroy “arguments raised up against the knowledge of God.”—II Corinthians 10:5

WHAT IS HIDDEN (Matthew 5:14-16)


What is hidden can define one’s character, past and future.  Learn how examples from past significant historical events transformed the lives of ordinary people who then transformed the culture in which they lived, worked and played.


An opportunity to defend your faith by dialoging with a special guest who holds and opposing worldview—topic to be determined by guest.


 Lori Lane



Phone: 866-782-1315


Speaking fee: Visit Lori's speaker information packet on

Travel/ Accommodation: Visit Lori's speaker information packet:

Titles and Descriptions

Beginning With The End In Mind

The maze of decisions and opportunities that make up our lives are often overwhelming and complicated at times.  Because of that, confusion, discouragement and depression seem to be a way of life for many mothers. Discouragement can come from feeling lost amidst the maze.  However, by focusing on God’s two supreme priorities and planning our lives around them, life becomes less complicated, more peaceful and our paths more clear. This talk focuses on these two priorities and applies them to the areas of time, marriage and family, children, friendships, ministry, and our outlook and attitude.  This talk is available to be done in one hour, three hour and full day workshop formats.

I Am Of the School Of …” (3 hour workshop)

Just as the Christians Paul refers to in scripture tried to de?ne themselves by associating with “one school of thought, many homeschoolers feel compelled and locked into ONE way of homeschooling. There are so many “schools of thought” when it comes to homeschooling that it can often be confusing for even veteran homeschoolers. There are so many wonderful and even tried and true approaches to homeschooling: Charlotte Mason, Unit Studies, Classical, Unschooling and the list goes on and on. However, each of our children are unique and what works for one child in a family may NOT work for another. Worse yet, what works for ONE subject in one individual child may NOT work for that same child in another subject. This workshop helps you to learn how to study and really know your child so that you can take the best and instructs us all how to use grace when dealing with others who have differing opinions.

Simple Living (1 hour workshop)

So many opportunities and good organizations to be involved with… but saying yes too many times can prove to make “simple living” impossible and focusing on what’s important a thing of the past. Learn how to tie your family together in their “opportunities” and choose your activities based on your own God-given goals for homeschooling. Simple living is not that far away.

Mental Hooks…..Tying it all together with creative and integrative approaches to learning (3 hour workshop)

Being educated isn’t just completing a set curriculum. It is understanding the principles and concepts in a way that makes it easy to apply those principles and concepts into everyday life. However, many times the way we “home school” is to simply memorize and teach for the test.

Homeschooling Or Doing School At Home (1 hour workshop)

As homeschooling has grown and expanded, so have the reasons for educating at home. With all of this growth and “improvement” it is easy to forget the real beauties of homeschooling which include: ?exibility, individualizing instruction and family life. Why would we mimic and bring into our homes a system that is broken and that repeatedly The gift that never ceases to amaze me is her fails its students? Be reminded of the beauties of homeschooling and learn ways to get back to the “real reasons” we chose homeschooling in the ?rst does not judge the unusual quirks of some of the

A Christian Worldview: Teaching Our Children Biblical Principles for All of Life (3 hour workshop)

How to discover and teach to the needs and gifting of your child (1 hour workshop)

Discovering the Artist Within (1 workshop)


Richard and Debbie Lawrence


Phone: 970-581-1029   

Speaking Fee: None, but need to have travel expenses covered if possible

Travel/Accommodations: No restrictions if travel costs are covered and our schedule permits.

Biography: Richard and Debbie Lawrence are the authors of the God's Design Science series published by Answers in Genesis. They have written 12 books for grades 1-8 covering all major areas of science from a creation perspective. Richard has been a board member for Christian Home Educators of Colorado (CHEC) since 2002. They have four grown children whom they homeschooled for 16 years. In addition to writing science books, Debbie has also co-authored an American History curriculum for grades 3-8 and Richard is a fiction writer of Christian suspense novels. Debbie teaches high school science 2 days a week at a homeschool enrichment school.

Titles and Descriptions:

Does Science Contradict the Bible?

Let's examine some of the common arguments against biblical creation and see what creation scientists have to say. You will be amazed and assured that what the Bible says is true and is not contradicted by what scientists have discovered.

Do I Have to Do Hands-on Science?

Many mothers moan at the idea of hands-on science because it is messy, time consuming, and usually doesn't work anyway. Well, we will show you how you can teach science in a fun way without wrecking your house.

Why Do a Homeschool Co-op?

You have heard the term, but may be asking yourself, what is a co-op and why should I start one? Debbie Lawrence, homeschooling mother of 4 will discuss the joys and tribulations of homeschool co-ops and help you decide if a co-op is right for you.

Homeschooling for the Long Haul

We will discuss our decision to homeschool through high school and how we found the necessary resources for high school. We believe you will be encouraged to stick with it for the long haul.


Summit Ministries


Phone: 719-685-2858


Titles and Descriptions:

Staff members of Summit Ministries are available to speak for a variety of events. Most talks focus on the areas of worldview, culture, and apologetics. The level of content is most appropriate for high school and college students as well as their parents. Please contact David Knopp for scheduling, pricing, and any other inquiries.

Kevin Swanson

Email: (Chad Roach, Kevin’s assistant),

Phone: 303-956-3455 


Biography: Kevin Swanson is a second-generation homeschooler, published author, radio personality, and director of Generations with Vision, a ministry dedicated to strengthening homeschool families across the country.  As a homeschool father of five children, Kevin is a nationally recognized speaker on home discipleship and education, and hosts the daily Generations Radio program heard homeschool families around the world.  Kevin Swanson has keynoted at conferences in Japan, Mexico, Canada, and over 25 states and provinces in a variety of venues.  From national leadership conferences to homeschool conventions, support groups, church conferences, and many other worldview arenas, Kevin has a wide appeal in many audiences.  If you have a specialty conference or event addressing a specific topic, please feel free to ask us about crafting a new talk to fit your needs.  For further questions, or to book Kevin Swanson for your event, please contact Kevin’s personal assistant Chad Roach at the email address or phone number above.

Titles and Descriptions:

Homeschool Vision

Homeschooling – Capturing the Vision!

What is it about home education that has profoundly reenergized education and produced such outstanding academic results?  Incredibly, the average Homeschool 8th grader without teacher-credentialed parents tests 4 grade levels above the national average on nationally standardized tests.  And it is not because we have taken a public school system complete with desks and bolted them to the floor of our living rooms.  In this visionary, ground-breaking presentation on the Homeschool vision, Kevin presents the basic elements that make up an outstanding homeschooling experience for your child. This message will give the first-time homeschooler confidence and vision and will provide encouragement and a reality check for the experienced home educator.  (Note: This message will work as either 1 presentation or 2 presentations).

Why Homeschooling Will Change the World

Is it saying too much that homeschooling will change the world?  It already has.  Ideal for keynote, this presentation will draw from history, real research data, and the Bible to illustrate the power of relationship-based, parent-guided learning.  The real reason why homeschooling will change the world is found where it is least expected.

The Blessing of America: A Vision for the Future

As author of The Second Mayflower (just released in its 3rd edition), Kevin Swanson speaks from the heart on the beautiful vision that formed America. No other nation on earth has been so blessed with liberty and prosperity as America. In this rousing and inspiring presentation, Kevin urges home educators to study America’s godly heritage, be grateful for it, and to live the principles that beat in the heart of the founders of the nation. Has the vision faded, and have the blessings departed?  How is God going to use the home school movement to revive this blessing?  God may very well be preparing to use homeschooling in a powerful way to transform our families and our nation.

Finding the Way Home

From classrooms and corporations to the kitchen table, Kevin Swanson lays out a vision for families who are looking for the way home.  The homeschooling movement is on its way to re-establishing the importance of the family unit in education and business, and Kevin develops the wider vision for the movement in this talk.  This talk includes practical tips on how to lay out a family vision that integrates the education into every area of life including family economics.

Capturing the Heart of Homeschooling

What is the heart of homeschooling?  What is it that really makes it work?  This is an important question in that there is a distinct possibility that the homeschooling ethos may disappear into the burgeoning list of educational choices, especially with the rise of government-funded school at home.  In this presentation, Kevin presents a passionate case for preserving the heart of homeschooling, those elements that have contributed to its beauty and success – the heart of Christ, the hand of the parent, and the blessings of freedom.

Training & Discipleship

The Heart of Homeschooling

Eventually, every homeschooling parent realizes that the heart of the child is the heart of the Homeschool.  In this transparent and powerful presentation, Kevin traces a developing relationship between himself and his own son.  Kevin drills into the heart of what happens in a home when parents begin to walk with their children.  Parenting and home education boils down to one issue – the heart of a parent connecting with the heart of a child.

Child Training in the Homeschool – 99% of the Job

Biblically speaking, the education of children is far more than books and tests.  Character training of our children is the foundation of successful child-raising whether we aim for success academically, spiritually, or in any other area.  In this powerful, fast-paced survey of character training, Kevin lays out a vision that will help parents understand and undertake the beautiful job of child-training.

Raising a Mighty Man of God

This workshop contemplates the unique qualities that God has given boys and presents a challenge that every parent of a boy needs to hear.  The message is especially practical for the homeschooling family that struggles with high-energy young boys.  It will leave you with a new vision for raising godly sons.  This is a much-needed presentation to homeschoolers, many of whom struggle with what to do with young boys growing up and out of the home.

Making a Man – What to do with Boys Ages 15-25

Forty years ago, 70% of men reached manhood by 30 years of age. Now, a bare 33% of men would meet the qualifications of maturity.  For men who are 25-35 years of age, they earn less than women, and their earnings have dropped 20% adjusted for inflation since 1970.  Can we expect anything better for the young men we are raising in our homes today?  Kevin Swanson addresses the most serious social problem facing our nation as well as the homeschooling movement in this talk.  How do we take a 15 year old boy and make a man out of him?  If you have a son, this talk is for you!

Raising Beautiful Women of God

As a father of four beautiful young ladies, Kevin Swanson shares the peculiar challenges and joys that face the homeschool parent in raising these little women for God.   He carefully paints a picture of virtuous womanhood found in the glorious, biblical images of cornerstones, fruitful vines, and lifted horns.   While cautioning parents to avoid the traps of egalitarianism and narrow caricatures of biblical principle, Kevin will present the beautiful biblical balance of economic complementarianism and family unity.

The Core Curriculum

The core curriculum is always the same.  You will find it in Deuteronomy 6:7.  Kevin demonstrates the power of an education where a father and mother teach the Bible to their children.  This is where the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual acumen of the children is nurtured and sharpened.  Kevin will cover the content, the method, and the obstacles to family devotions in this critically important seminar.

A Vision for Your Life – Capturing the Greatest Vision of All

There is hardly an 18 year old alive who doesn’t grapple with the question of calling.  Each young person needs to catch the vision that God has for his or her life.  This talk describes how to identify a calling for a young woman and a young man without falling into the ditch of egalitarian thinking on the one side, or an unbiblical and narrow understanding of work and dominion on the other side.

Encouragement for Parents

Of Whom This World is Not Worthy – The Greatest Mothers the World Has Ever Known

This powerful and passionate presentation brings out the greatest role models, from Biblical and Christian history, of mothers that literally changed the world.  This encouraging message will bless the heart of every mother, especially during the tough times and dark days.

How to Ride the Rapids without Falling out the Boat

A humorous and encouraging presentation for the homeschool mom who feels like she’s going down a #5 rapid spinning like a top.  When you emerge at the end of the run, you discover that God was doing something marvelous, despite your own inadequacies and the confusion of the ride.

Getting Dads Involved in the Homeschool

Most homeschools are run by moms, and dads wind up on the bench or disengaged entirely from the game.  What part does dad play, and how does he engage when he is away from his family for long hours out the week?  Kevin gives some practical suggestions from his own experience on how dads can get involved and encourage and strengthen the Homeschool vision in their home.

The Heart of Fatherhood

Here is a rousing call for renewing the involvement, relationships, and powerful influence of fatherhood.  In many ways, fatherhood is a lost art.  Kevin comes to this presentation with the blessing of having received a great legacy of four generations of godly fatherhood.  It is more than leadership, responsibility, and relationships.  It is a generational vision that renews families, reforms cultures, and establishes family dynasties.  Dads, get ready for a huge encouragement and uplifting vision from this presentation.


The Successful Homeschool High School

Some homeschool parents lack confidence and lose steam when their children reach high school.  Can the homeschool high school be as successful as or better than a typical classroom education?  Here Kevin Swanson outlines the basic constituents of a successful home school high school, encouraging parents to build on the foundation already laid.  He focuses parents on their child’s calling, and makes an important distinction between two tracks – the corporate track and the entrepreneurial track, pointing out the strong points and weak points of each.  Wise planning when your child is 12 or 13 years old is critical for success in those teen years.

Exploring Math and Science in God’s Universe

An experienced math and science high school teacher himself, Kevin Swanson applies both worldview savvy and real life relevance to topics that too often become boring to our students.  He will demonstrate how science and math taught from a God-centered perspective restores a basis for innovation, purpose, and dominion in God’s creation.  Parents will learn how to both teach and apply math “in the concrete.”  Also, Kevin addresses the question of “how much math” for those parents who are homeschooling their high school students.

What Every High Schooler Needs to Know

Of all of the facts of history and all of the books ever written, what is the basic content every highschool graduate needs to know before he gets his diploma?  Kevin Swanson provides a simple summary of what it takes to produce well-grounded and well-studied high school graduates. Challenging home school parents to focus more on quality than quantity in literary studies, he reviews and contrasts literature produced by humanists and Christians from Aristotle to CS Lewis.  Kevin will also include a basic list of resources that are essential in high school literature.

The Power of Mentorship

Homeschooling is the most powerful form of education rediscovered in the modern age.  Its power and success is unquestioned.  Yet for most home educators, the principles that worked in home education are not transferred into post-secondary education.  Cutting edge visionaries are bringing a Copernican revolution to the method of higher education in the form of mentorship.  If our movement takes this next step, we will make far greater impact on the way we do post-secondary education and economics, then we have seen in K-12 education.  Based on years of experience with mentoring, Kevin Swanson presents a vision for mentorship applied to both the college and entrepreneurial tracks.

How to Choose a Christian Curriculum (For Christian Parents)

Unit studies.  Charlotte Mason.  Classical.  Textbook.  Amidst the cacophony of curriculum choices, Kevin Swanson gives a thumb nail sketch of what is really important when choosing a curriculum for your family.  Keeping God’s priorities in the forefront, he will point out the strengths represented by different educational methodologies, and encourage parents to make the best choice according to the individual needs of the family and student.

Getting Out of the Box.

We weren’t really born in a box.  But we seem to be drawn to boxes, especially in the education of children.  Not everybody who chooses to homeschool their children leaves the box behind.  In this presentation, Kevin describes the dimensions of the box and shows families how to climb out of the box.

History & Worldview

History’s Heroes

Teach history to your children and you may end up changing history!   Everyone has heroes whom they admire and emulate.  The heroes of many children today are entertainers who are often devoid of any outstanding character traits any great acts of courage and heroism.  But history is full of exciting heroes who exhibit strong virtues worth emulating; many of whom, by their godly leadership, changed the course of history.  In this challenging and inspiring presentation, Kevin shows how you can uncover real meaning in history, and how, through your history curriculum, you can very well change your children’s lives.

Last Man Standing – How to Defend the Faith

Often times Christians are called to stand up for the faith in the public form.  Having experienced many of these opportunities himself on college campuses, radio, television, and in public debates, Kevin Swanson will provide equipping for those young folks who might find themselves in similar circumstances.   Both the evidentialist and presuppostionalist approaches will be presented for their respective merits in this brief introduction.  He will provide a list of excellent resources to use as you prepare to give an answer to any man who asks a reason for the hope that is within you.

Thesis, Antithesis, and Synthesis – Defining Your Relationship with the World

As Christian children mature and see more of the “world,” they are challenged with the question of how they should relate to the world.  Should Christians escape the world, amalgamate into the world, orchange the world?  Kevin Swanson works with the multiple definitions of “the world,” and then leaves the audience with a challenge they will not likely forget.

Pragmatism: The Slippery Slide to Hell

If our children will understand the world, they must understand ethics – the principles that direct people’s choices. And there is no more destructive and insidious ethic operating today than that of pragmatism, which loses sight of absolute standards of what is right and what is good. No ethic has been so influential in the way that people make decisions today. When families and entire cultures are driven by pragmatism instead of principle, things begin to unravel. How do you live your life? Will pragmatism cause your family to slip down the slippery slide to hell?

Raising Tomorrow’s Leaders

This challenging presentation will inspire our young people to leadership wherever God calls them.  Leadership is influence for the cause of righteousness.  And God calls every man and woman to leadership at some level.  There are times in history that call out for leaders, and such is the time in which we live today. Kevin asks the question, “Who knows but that God has raised up one of you for such a time as this?”


The Rise and Fall of Western Civilization

Description pending.

Biblical Discernment in the Visual Arts

The visual arts provide a powerful medium, and can yield tremendously destructive effects on children.  But can it produce a constructive contribution to culture?   What does the Bible say about the visual medium and the theatrical?  And how does a movie compare to a good sermon?  Kevin Swanson will provide a set of biblical principles relating to theater and movies.   He will bring out the elements that make for edifying entertainment.  And he will analyze the recently-released Hollywood motion pictures for such things as overall edifying value, central theme, sub themes, theory of salvation, and the basic theory of reality and ethics.

Harry Potter, Narnia, Lord of the Rings and Your Family – A Biblical View of Fantasy

Is fantasy mere story-telling or is it an insidious way to convey an ungodly metaphysic?  Does the “redemptive element” salvage the genre every time?  Kevin Swanson takes on a controversial subject among Christians in this thought-provoking discussion on fantasy.  He will compare and contrast the worldview backdrop and assorted themes communicated in the wildly popular Harry Potter, Narnia, and Lord of the Rings series.

Escapism, Science Fiction and the Superheroes

Sometimes referred to as the “crack cocaine” of escapist entertainment, Kevin Swanson examines the science fiction genre in novels and screenplay.  In this presentation, he will dig deep to analyze the worldviews presented in the forms of entertainment that emphasize escape.  Analysis will include Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Star Trek, and Star Wars.

Entertainment and Your Family

In the words of one cultural commentator, are we entertaining our families to death?   As a father of five, Kevin Swanson is engaging a multi-generational attempt to find the right balance of entertainment, work, and serving in life.  What role should entertainment play in our children’s life?  Here Kevin Swanson measures the relative benefits or drawbacks of the cotton-candy novel (eg. Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew), historical adventures (eg. G.A. Henty), the “classic” novels, the 19th century Victorian fare, the fantasy genre, Walt Disney motion pictures, television (from Andy Griffith to 24), recorded music, and radio drama.   This very practical presentation will provide some helpful suggestions for bringing biblical principle to bear as you seek maximum edification for your family.

The Deformation and Reformation of the Arts

As a host of a daily radio program that analyzes the culture from the perspective of a biblical worldview, Kevin Swanson will take you on a whirlwind tour through the evolution and devolution of western culture.  To underestimate or to fail to discern the influences of music, movies, and art is fatal to children and families.  If you don’t understand the culture and its influences, you and your family could be destroyed by it.  This presentation will show how cultures are broken down, but importantly, how you and your children can build it up from generation to generation.

Church and Community

Rediscovering Relational Living in Family and Church

Say goodbye to cold institutional living!   As a father, a pastor, and a cultural commentator, Kevin Swanson introduces a new form of life to the most lonely time in human history where love and joy and peace are hardly understood in the post-modern, existentialist wilderness.  Having rediscovered relational life in home schooling 40 years ago, Kevin embarked on a new venture ten years ago to form a “relational” church community.

Getting Along in the Sandbox – Biblical Conflict Resolution

Description pending.

For Homeschool Leaders

The Seven Termites in Homeschool Organizations

Watch out for these guys!  Kevin describes the seven species of termites that are known to eat out the core of our homeschool organizations (or even churches or families).  This information is an essential requisite to anybody in leadership.

What You Can Do to Strengthen Home Education in Your State

Sharp observers within our ranks have noted some signs of cracking in the foundation of the homeschool movement.  In this absolutely essential presentation, Kevin gives three ways we can reinforce our movement with re-bar – practical ideas that can be implemented as soon as tomorrow.

A Multi-Generational Vision for Home Education

Basic to leadership is to know who you are and where you are going.  Homeschool leaders around the country are asking the question, “Is the homeschool vision really about homeschooling, or is it about something more, something that will impact culture in future generations?”  Yet we have seen the vision fade as it blends into the wider culture or as it is consumed by the growing panoply of educational choices. How do we press a vision into the generations?   Increasingly, we find ourselves playing the part of the repairers of the breach, the restorers of lost paths.  Indeed, we are tasked with laying down a foundation for many generations. And the homeschool movement offers a rich context in which to impart this multi-generational vision. Drawing from over 35 years in the homeschooling movement, Kevin Swanson identifies what it takes to solidify and perpetuate the vision through the generations.

How to be God’s Kind of Leader

Everybody seeks competent leadership, and there are many definitions of what this constitutes.  As a leader in corporate management, church, non-profit organizations, and politics, Kevin Swanson presents the qualities of wise leadership found in the Scriptures, and gives ample illustration as to how they can be applied in the support group or anywhere else.  It is a summary of the seven biblical principles relating to leadership – including servant leadership, loving enemies, godly courage, and the perpetual recognition that God is in control.

Meeting the Changing Face of Home Education

While other homeschool organizations are shrinking in their influence, Christian Home Educators of Colorado continues to grow.  CHEC has seen 25% growth over the last year even through the problems of recession, increased competition from state-funded programs, and other challenges.  As Executive Director of one of the fastest growing home education ministries in the country, Kevin will show what they have done as an organization to meet the changing face of home education.  He will cover fund raising, public policy efforts, family events, etc. Lively discussion opportunity will uncover what works and what doesn’t.


Marcia Washburn


Phone: 970-842-4776 


Speaking Fee: Love offering and transportation costs for small groups. Please contact Marcia directly for statewide and international events.

Travel/Accommodations: Marcia will travel locally, nationally or internationally, as the Lord leads. Transportation & lodging expenses required except under unusual circumstances. Contact Marcia for information.

Biography: Marcia Washburn, joyfully married for 37 years, is the mother of five sons whom she homeschooled in their rural Colorado (USA) home for nineteen years. She has served in various leadership positions at the local and state level and holds advanced degrees in elementary education & music education. She was awarded the 2009 Dr. Ruth Beechick Award for Outstanding Contribution to Home Education in the State of Colorado.

She now serves as a teacher of teachers through her speaking and writing ministry. She is a regular columnist for Home School Enrichment and the CHEC Update and has been featured in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, The Teaching Home, Answers (Answers in Genesis), and on 

Her books include, Activity Days for Homeschool Groups and Families; Talent to Treasure: Building a Profitable Music Teaching Business; Homemade Convenience Foods; Beethoven Who? Family Fun with Music; and her Management for Moms Series.

In addition to speaking regularly for homeschool support groups, she has been a featured speaker and keynote at events across the country. She was especially blessed to present the first-ever home education seminar to the Shuar people of the Eastern Ecuadorian jungle community of Makuma; she presented a follow-up seminar there for two weeks in 2010. Marcia has also been featured on Generations Radio  with Kevin Swanson, a Christian Internet radio program heard weekdays in fifty states and thirty countries.

Marcia is available to speak to groups of all sizes, both nationally and internationally. Her topics include home management, parenting, home education, encouragement for moms, and teaching tips for independent music teachers.

Titles and Descriptions:


Building Tomorrow’s Generation While Cleaning Up Today’s Spilled Milk

The work we do as homeschoolers extends far beyond teaching the Three R’s. We are partners with God as we lay a firm foundation in our children’s lives so their faith won’t crumble under pressure. In this session Marcia casts a vision for teaching generationally, looking beyond the daily challenges of crying babies, clinging toddlers, correcting papers and, yes, cleaning up spilled milk.

The Ideal Homeschooling Mother  

Women have a tendency to compare themselves unfavorably with other women, and homeschooling moms are no exception. This encouraging presentation explores God’s plan for your homeschool and why He chose you to mother your children. It reminds us to live our lives one chapter at a time and to gain strength from mentoring relationships.

The Frontiers of Homeschooling  

Looking for something different for your group? In this presentation, Marcia details the story of the first-ever home education conference in the jungles of Ecuador. Using Shuar Indian artifacts and PowerPoint photos, she weaves in encouragement, humor, and the “why” of home education, leaving a memorable “take home” message for her listeners. Fascinating for children and adults. Note: This can be a 60-120 minute presentation.

Homeschooling through Difficult Days  

Life’s challenges don’t stop just because we are homeschooling. Sickness, accidents, moves, caring for elderly relatives, crisis pregnancies—they’re all a part of God’s custom-designed curriculum for us. Practical coping tips and encouragement for the journey are the focus of this sensitive presentation.

Grace Notes  

This session explores the many ways that God extends grace to us as we journey through life.  Rich in personal illustrations, it is designed to encourage, uplift, and inspire listeners to trust that God does indeed have a wonderful and unique life message to speak through each of us.

Eight Habits for Highly Successful Homeschooling  

This workshop contains advice and anecdotes from a veteran of nineteen years of homeschooling. Among the topics: finding support, avoiding isolation and legal troubles, recognizing counterfeit programs, and encouragement for the journey ahead.


Beethoven Who? Family Fun with Music  

Many homeschoolers have trouble fitting music into their busy school days—time, expense, and lack of confidence all contribute to the problem. This workshop gives practical, hands-on ideas for all ages that any parent can do.

Teaching Young Children  

Expensive curriculum is not really necessary for your little ones.  Learn ways to teach your pre-school, kindergarten, and first grade children with items found around the house.  Subjects include beginning reading, math, science, history, music, art, physical education, and character education. Ideally presented as a two-hour workshop, but a one-hour version is available.

Hands-On Math Activities  

Many children (and parents!) struggle with math.  Exploring math concepts by handling real things, instead of just using paper and pencil activities, can greatly improve understanding.  This workshop presents many hands-on activities and games that can be made from readily available materials at minimal cost.  Detailed handouts will be distributed.  This material can be presented in lecture format or with attendees actually participating in the games and activities (more fun!).

Hands-On Art Activities  

The first 100 people arriving at this workshop will actually get to do nine different art activities during this sixty-minute workshop. All attendees will receive detailed handouts describing how to do the activities at home and how to set up an art day for their support group. Great choice for a fun Moms Night Out meeting, but has also been done at a major conference setting.

Teach Yourself to Play the Recorder

In this workshop you will learn to play the soprano recorder.  No music-reading skills are necessary.  Resource lists and beginning music will be handed out at the workshop.  You may provide your own instrument or purchase one from your hosting organization.  Marcia will assist in making arrangements for group purchases, if desired.

Activity Days for Homeschool Groups   

Support group leaders are busy people.  This session is based on Marcia K. Washburn’s book, Activity Days for Homeschool Groups & Families. Recommendations for organizing activity days (frequency, location, costs, leadership, etc.) are central to this workshop. It includes a potpourri of ideas for support group activity days including Hands-On Art, Hands-On Math, Dissection Day, Bible Quizzing, Community Service Day, etc. Many families enjoy using the activities in their own homes, as well. The workshop can be taught using either a lecture or hands-on format.


Homemade Convenience Foods  

Have you ever wished you could spend more time with your family and less with your pots and pans?  This practical workshop shows you how to break free from the kitchen and get tasty meals on the table in fifteen minutes—without using TV dinners!  Recipes and techniques are included.

Management for Moms: Friendly Advice from a Homeschool Vet  

This popular presentation reflects Marcia’s nineteen years of experience homeschooling her five sons.  It includes hints for teaching several children at once, coping with household duties, dealing with doubting friends and relatives, supporting the marriage relationship, and encouragement for the journey.

Scheduling Your Priorities  

This session is designed to help parents discern the priorities God has chosen specifically for them, realizing that those priorities will differ between individual Christians and during various seasons of their lives. We will focus on building a framework for decision-making and offer specific tools for following through with those decisions. Our purpose is not to share time-saving hints (how to shoehorn more activities into your day) but, rather, how to live in such a way that you can say as you fall into bed at night, “Lord, I have finished what You called me to do this day.”


Building a Financially Free Home  

Do you have a SILKS family (Single Income, Lots of Kids)? This presentation both casts a vision for debt-free living and gives practical suggestions for doing so. Lots of handouts and examples (but no sales pitch!).

Managing Your Home While Managing a Business

Many women are seeking ways to contribute to the household income without neglecting their calling as wives and mothers. How does a busy mom balance the needs of her family with the demands of operating a home business? Marcia shares important insights gleaned from her experience running three home businesses while homeschooling her five sons.

Talent to Treasure: Building a Profitable Music Teaching Business

Based on her popular new book, Marcia shares her wealth of experience gleaned from teaching students to play the piano. It’s all here: Should you teach? Preparing your household. Bookkeeping and taxes. Setting up your studio.  Dealing with special needs, children who don’t practice, parents who don’t pay, and performance paralysis. The first lesson. A humorous and encouraging walk through a piano teacher’s life.


What Makes Your Child Tick?  

Have you ever wondered why your child thinks and acts the way he does?  Why he expresses himself so differently from his siblings?  How to find and nurture the unique gifts God has placed in him?  In this session, we will build an understanding of personality types, love languages, and spiritual gifts so that you can raise your children with greater understanding of their uniqueness.

The Joys of Raising Boys  

It is no accident that boys, toys, noise, and joys are rhyming words. Rich with humor and stories, this presentation challenges attendees to look beyond the dirt and debris inherent in a household filled with boys and toward the goal of raising godly men for the Kingdom. Lots of practical ideas from the mother of five sons.

Things I Learned in the Garden  

I’m not much of a gardener, but that hasn’t kept God from teaching me many things while on my knees trying to tell a weed from a seedling. This workshop explores issues of character, discipline, and making choices—for children and parents.

Discipline 101  

What does the Bible teach about disciplining our children? Before we teach the academics, we must train them in obedience and attentiveness. This presentation deals with issues such as parental self-discipline, unity, winking at sin, exasperating your child, and righteous correction. Instructions for developing a personalized parenting manual are included.  Note: This important presentation lasts two hours.


Talent to Treasure: Building a Profitable Music Teaching Business

Based on Marcia’s popular book, attendees will learn how to start a private music studio; prepare their home and heart for their new business; recruit and retain students; how much to charge; handle business matters; select a “balanced diet” of music for their students; ideas for teaching that scary first lesson; and much, much more! Veteran and rookie vocal and instrumental teachers alike will benefit from this fast-paced, informative session.

First Be a People Teacher

Based on her decades of teaching music, Marcia shares her heart, her enthusiasm, and her techniques for individualizing music instruction to suit the student. Topics in this important session include: how to teach according to the student’s learning style and temperament type; great practicing tips (and strategies for dealing with students who don’t!); reaching and teaching special needs students—from  challenged to gifted; dealing with memorization,performance jitters; adding fun activities to the lesson, and much more.

Beethoven Who? Family Fun with Music

Looking for something new to add zing to your students’ lessons? Learn about this unique resource that can broaden your students’ musical education beyond just the instrument that you teach. Filled with games, activities, and ideas, find out how Beethoven Who can be used during individual and class sessions, or for at-home assignments. Filled with links to Internet performances and fully annotated, the work is already done for you.  

Working with Homeschool Students

Independent music teachers across the nation are discovering the joy (and profit!) of teaching homeschooled students. Usually these children can come earlier in the day, relieving the after-school crunch time in teachers’ schedules. Often their parents make practice a part of their everyday school assignments, so these children frequently excel. This presentation offers tips on recruiting homeschoolers to your studio, common expectations of their parents, and special considerations.


Homeschool Training Camp—Preparing for a Winning Season  

This is a two-part seminar, ideal for a fall meeting, that targets both moms and dads. It includes components from several different workshops, taught using a football theme. The sessions may be separated by a Tailgate Party (carry-in meal). Its purpose is to pass along game-winning strategies to both rookies and veterans as they start off the new teaching year.

Weekend Conference Option  

Marcia offers multiple options to customize your event to the needs of your group. For example, many groups desire a leadership event for leaders on a Friday evening, followed by a day of workshops on Saturday for the general membership of the group. Arrangements can be made to include one or more workshops with activities for children, if requested. Messages centered on specific themes can be arranged, e.g. “The Hats Women Wear,” complete with a fashion show. Contact Marcia with your ideas and she will assist in making your event extra-special.